Melaku Brings Inner Peace to the Table With, "Still Within"

Originally from Santa Cruz, up-and-coming artist, songwriter, and producer Melaku is bringing a new sound to the table.

From a young age, Melaku found inspiration in the classic rock, pop, soul, and Motown music that his parents played around the house. Taking this into his present-day styling, his music merges the heart of the classics with the vibe of today’s pop chart-toppers to keep audiences of all ages returning for more.

Bringing a nostalgic swing to the vivacious dynamism surfacing from his most recent single, “Still Within,” Melaku plays upon the warmth of golden notes that shimmer on the canvas of your mind.

Utilizing the space within the instrumentation in a way that ties all musical elements together in an atmospheric, yet forward environment, Melaku’s profound vocalization cascades upon the melodies radiated.

Delving into a narrative that serves as a reminder for when things in the outside world seem hectic, we always have the option to find peace within, the messaging rests well in the buoyant energy that is delivered from the resonance before us. Envisioning the lyrical motifs performed in a manner that has animated illustrations leaping from the creative sectors of our mind, Melaku is a wizard at breaking down your imagination to portray exactly what he feels.

Congratulations on the brilliantly crafted “Still Within," welcome to BuzzMusic Melaku. With such an important message coming from this song, was there a parti