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Melanie Gillott Takes On Life's Journey In Debut EP, 'Unpredictable'

Navigating life's ups and downs is a rollercoaster. And singer-songwriter/Los Angeles-based actress Melanie Gillott is exploring those peaks and valleys in her dynamic 6-track debut EP, Unpredictable.

While she's had the talent and grit all along, it wasn't until December 2022 that Melanie Gillott released her first single (co-written with Brian Donovan), "When Christmas Is With You," and that's when her love for songwriting ignited. Using it as an opportunity to connect with listeners, Melanie Gillott is on a mission to inspire, heal, and leave an impact that stands the test of time.

Impressively, her debut EP has already made a mark. Unpredictable consists of 6 diverse songs that stem from the human experience. Melanie Gillott uses this project to reflect on her journey, and others too, while honoring the many emotions we'll all experience at one point or another.

The new EP opens with the upbeat and pop-oriented introduction track, "No Love Around," bouncing through the speakers with heavy electric guitars and a vibrant pop feel. While Melanie Gillott tosses bitter memories of a past lover, her cut-the-sh*t attitude and honest lyrics grab our attention right off the bat. It's clear she's unimpressed, but, alas, she reminds herself that she's better off, even when there's "No Love Around."

Taking it back to the "summer of '18," Melanie Gillott blesses our speakers with lush acoustic guitar picking and beautiful vocal melodies, reminiscing those warm summer nights by someone's side. As the song gradually expands with mid-tempo percussion and subtle pop production, Melanie Gillott confesses her deepest sorrows about the memories that linger in her head "like a broken melody," she softly sings. It's a truly relatable song that anyone can find a piece of themselves in.

Upping the energy is the EP's third track, "Actor," opening with plucky background synths and Melanie Gillott's animated vocal performance. Her attitude, delivery, and vocals bring heaps of similarities to a Midnights Taylor Swift, blessing listeners with conceptual lyrics and pristine production that keeps our toes tapping. This brutally honest song discusses the facade of an ex-lover and their phony, actor-like ways. Thankfully, Melanie Gillott is holding nothing back.

Reaching the EP's halfway point with the title track, "Unpredictable," we're met with a darker, mysterious vibe, atmospheric production, and Melanie Gillott's melodic vocals. While highlighting life's unpredictable ways, she reminds us not to look down and hold our ground with all we have. It's a refreshing, inspiring song that perfectly encapsulates the turbulent human experience while leaving listeners with hope for a better, brighter day.

Onto track number five, "summer's in bloom," Melanie Gillott lifts us into an ethereal, feel-good space that feels like the first day of summer. With fluttery pop instrumentals and a mid-tempo groove, Melanie Gillott keeps the vibes high with stunning melodies that perfectly depict the theme of slowing down to stop and smell the roses. It's a beautiful reminder to chill out, do what makes you happy, and savor special moments while we still have the time.

Landing on the EP's sixth and final track, "Everybody's Somebody," we're thrown into an upbeat pop atmosphere while Melanie Gillott honors the human race and our unique, individual journeys. The catchy melodies and earworm lyrics will leave you chanting this song with all your heart, and it's quite the pick-me-up to do so! This was an excellent outro to such a dynamic, engaging project, leaving listeners with a beautiful reminder to make the most of each day.

If one thing's for sure, Melanie Gillott knows how to put on quite a show, and her engaging vocal performance on Unpredictable is no exception. Do yourself a favor and check out the new 6-track EP on all digital streaming platforms.

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