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Melany Toujas Is Bathing In The “Starlight”

MelanyToujas, a talented French singer, has been making waves on the music scene with her innovative ideas and eco-friendly approach to music. Inspired by her desire to share a unique journey with her audience, Melany recently developed a groundbreaking method of incorporating natural elements, such as trees and plants, into her music. This fresh concept, which she has dubbed "Eco Pop," perfectly encapsulates her passion for combining nature and music, and her hope that other artists will follow suit.

Her latest single, "Starlight," showcases Melany's creative genius and dedication to Eco Pop. Starting with a futuristic synth key melody, the song transitions into a bouncy dance beat that perfectly complements her captivating vocals. With lyrics like "feel the rhythm in my mind, you'll find a way to be mine, will the future be bright?" and a fun, vibrant music video, "Starlight," offers listeners a shiny glimpse into Melany's world.

What truly sets "Starlight" on its own, though, is its nostalgic dance vibes. Melany, with the help of a revolutionary device that records the electrical variations of trees and plants and turns them into MIDI tracks, has managed to create a song that features a lemon tree as its lead instrument. This family gift planted in her garden by her great-grandfather and grandfather adds depth and meaning to the song.

Although the song's lyrics don't directly address ecology, Melany's commitment to environmentalism is evident in her work. By incorporating natural elements into her music and envisioning eco-friendly concerts and tours, she strives to impact the planet positively. Her message of unity and respect for the Earth truly resonates throughout her artistry.

With her innovative ideas, passion for the environment, and undeniable talent, MelanyToujas has a bright future ahead of her. As she continues to release new music and collaborate with other artists, we can expect her journey to be filled with inspiration and flare. Keep an eye on this rising star – her journey is just beginning, and the sky's the limit!

Sail away with this one today, available on all platforms.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Melany Toujas! Congrats on letting your soul shine on "Starlight," in which you've blended futuristic synth elements with that dance bounce seamlessly. What led you to this particular combination of sounds, and how did you find the balance between the two while maintaining your Eco Pop vision?

I’ve always been into mixing modern sounds and 80s instruments; I always try to get a real Bassline or electric guitar in my compositions cause I love the vibes it gives to the music. So with my production team, we tried hard to keep that grooving vibe by playing with old and new sounds, but the priority was to use the three MIDI recordings as a lead instrument, and I’m thrilled it fitted and it precisely sounded the way I hoped it will. And I’m grateful for what the tree gave us.

Using a lemon tree as the lead instrument in "Starlight" is both innovative and deeply personal. How did you navigate the challenges of incorporating such an unconventional instrument into a pop song, and what did you learn from the process?

I’ve always wanted to make the Planet and its treasure shine, and I love the notion of a cycle, so I thought that now I had the object that records plant variation, I could make the cycle of trees shine. The tree grows thanks to the earth and then makes us breathe so we can live on earth, and the lemon tree is even feeding us. That’s even more amazing. And now trees can even be used as instruments, so do we cut them so fast? I’ve been amazed to hear the different sounds plants could play, and that’s also why we did «Starlight» with the sound of the daytime lemon tree, and we have an upcoming song on June 1st named « Fake Friend» that is made with the night time sound of the lemon tree; it was mind-blowing to hear how different it sounded from day to night. And to be honest, I trusted the university with the healthy development of this idea cause I knew that doing this for a good reason would lead to good results. I think I learned something I was already assuming: that we can live the same way but with more respect towards what Earth gives us and that creativity is limitless.

"Starlight," tells a heartfelt love story with an eco-friendly twist. Can you share any real-life experiences or inspirations behind the song's lyrics and the emotions they convey?

This might be weird, haha. It's a metaphor; in a certain way, it’s a relationship with ups and down, like I think c happens in every relationship. But to be honest, I wrote it as if the two humans were trees, and if you listen to the lyrics carefully, it’s like two humanized trees falling in love. It also can reflect how vital a relationship can be for your health, and it can save you sometimes in the same way. I think our relationship with natural elements is essential, which we have to start worrying more about. Our actions for the planet should be the same as humans. It’s all about kindness.

The music video for "Starlight" showcases different sides of you as an artist. How did you develop the visual concept for the video, and what aspects of your personality did you want to emphasize through the imagery and storyline?

First, I wanted to have a tree house, and we had this house that seemed abandoned and where nature and plants took over the architecture. So that was a fantastic side of how strong our Planet is. But I also wanted to share a lot of light and hope cause I’m positive and always trust the future. So I wanted positivity, nature and modernity. So combined with rhythm and dance and the incredible team I was lucky to have with me, we ended up with the Starlight music video.

As you continue to develop your unique Eco Pop genre and share your environmental message, what are your goals for the future? Are there any specific projects, collaborations, or milestones you hope to achieve in your music career?

My goals for the future are first to grow my audience and go on a world tour. If there’s a milestone I want to achieve is to introduce the eco-pop genre to the industry and make it an award category, and above all, make the Mus’Eco system the new way of touring for as many artists as possible so we can travel and build this awareness on climate preserving, just touring the same way but with more respect and less carbon print. There’s a lot of collaboration I wish I’ll do, cause I love meeting and collaborating with new people, I think nowadays I want to collaborate with foundations like WWF to act for animals, and I wish someday I’ll be able to be in a project related to Michael Jackson cause he’s my hero coming right after my parents.


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