Mellow out With Stefon Eustache’s Release “She Loves Me Not"

Stefon Eustache is a Dallas based Indie R&B artist who’s music is inspired by the likes of Usher, John Legend, and Alicia Keys. Recently, Stefon released his deep new single “She Loves Me Not” and with it comes the touching story of debating whether or not it’s better to be alone.

This release has an interesting melancholic feeling to it, it has some groove, but keeps a dissonant augmented texture to it that puts us into a trance-like state. In “She Loves Me Not” has a few opposite twists that have us constantly on edge, some lyrics have a bit of a happy message but then is supported by a dissonant backdrop that creates a very interesting vibe that we are all ears for. “She Loves Me Not” features a really lonely sounding electric piano, a melancholic synth motif that remains throughout the tune, and a really dynamic deep 808 rhythms and grooves that keep a solid feel that perfectly supports Stefon Eustache’s moody but emotional vocal performance that tells us of a heartfelt story of being lost. This is an amazing record that has a very unique moody vibe to it that you’ll be sure to love.

Listen to "She Loves Me Not" here.

Welcome to BuzzMusic Stefon Eustache! Your latest release “She Loves Me Not” talks about the story of someone debating whether or not to leave a relationship and be alone, what was the inspiration behind this? The funny thing is about this song is the fact I was sitting down one night with the title "She Loves Me Not" already and a commercial for The Bachelor came on and to be honest I low key to credit that shows due to the fact it inspired the whole song down to the toxic relationship part. I love how creative I got with the song because the lyrics I know will resonate with the people who love deep music.

This release has an incredibly moody melancholic vibe to it, what went into some of these almost eerie sounds being used? How did you create the synth sounds? In all honesty, I have to credit my friend Isaiah who goes by the name of Slayah for being the amazing producer he is. I had nothing to do with the production that was all him I just wrote the lyrics to this crazy fun beat.

We heard that you take a lot of inspiration from R&B icons like Usher, John Legend, and Alicia Keys. What about them specifically do you draw inspiration from? What do you think you do that sets you apart from everyone? What drew me to them as a kid was the lyricism and how deep they were. When you heard their music it was an experience almost as if I had experienced the pain they felt myself. I think I'm different in the fact that most people my age focus on production in music but I care about lyrics. A beat can only keep you going for so long but the lyrics a lifetime and I want my lyrics to resonate with the little audience I have today.

With now having a small catalog of music, how have you seen yourself grown as an artist with every release? Do you see yourself beginning to lean towards a certain style?

I have grown a lot. I know not to rush even if I want to. I also know releasing music is more than just that I was an artist have to engage and encourage the people who pay attention to my social media to know I have a new release and it isn't easy considering most people don't know me as the singer quite yet but I will get there one day!