Melodic Preparation Thrives In The Bash Dog's Latest Single, "The End Is Near"

A spirit of exploration, love, and unity lays in the depth of musical philosophy Los Angeles quartet The Bash Dogs.

Keeping alive their true sound of surf disco, they pour pure devotion into the art form that they offer their audience. After cementing their status as the hosts of the grooviest party in town, The Bash Dogs are gearing up to release their debut album. With a new member, a new vibe, and new songs made to get people moving and grooving all night long, the next chapter of the Dogs starts now.

Coming from the city where surf/garage/psych bands are never in short supply, the last year or so had felt repetitive and stale like the band was idling. As you can taste bits and pieces of the classic and memorable Rock n’ Roll sound The Bash Dogs grew up on, this newborn fusion they have created is guaranteed to get you off your feet and it is reflected in the sophisticated groove changes and experimental structure of their latest work.

Bringing an ethereal atmospheric blend to their latest single, “The End Is Near,” The Bash Dogs grace their listeners with an eloquent projection of colossal ambiance. The easygoing transportation of the instrumentation at hand has us floating up to the clouds in this airy fusion of instrumentation surging together as one. The rhythmic feel has us swooped into our intrapersonal escapades as we allow our minds to gracefully take the wheel as we sink deeper into our seats and feel the music as it is meant to be felt.

The textured layers make the complexity of, “The End Is Near,” a victorious throttle of musicality that rushes through the band's presence. Each glossy vocal adds a certain dynamism to the harmonious elements shed on the overall production of this single. Speaking meaningful words through the soul of, “The End Is Near,” themes of lost hope are touched on as the lyrical content grazes the mind-altering effects of the world’s demise.

The Bash Dogs drip their artistic versatility in auditory goodness as they serve up a mesmerizing platter of intoxicating melodies. Sitting at almost 8 minutes, you don’t want to miss a single moment as the structure flows seamlessly through its sonic expedition.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, The Bash Dogs! Congratulations on the release of, “The End Is Near.” The structure of this song truly amazes us. Could you please take us into the overall inspiration behind the lyrics?

Hey, thank you very much BuzzMusic happy to be here! You are so sweet for giving the song a listen and we thank you for that. So, genuinely I think all bands must have a "2020 Quarantine" song just to remember this blessing curse, strange time in history in all of its uniqueness, and well this is ours. The song can be interpreted as the END of this pandemic is NEAR or the END of our WORLD is near but that's for you to decide, although we do lean on one of those interpretations and we'll give you a hint; it's the more positive one... "Here, under the atmosphere, it's been a tragic year, a bloody broken mirror AND it's clear, crystal conscious clear, shed a happy tear, The End is Near...No need to fear, The End is HERE" then the song ends triumphantly with "NO NEED TO FEAR" and that is the kind of message we believe the world needs today. It's in God's hands.

How long did this record take you to record? We would love to know; what was the ambiance like during the recording session of, “The End Is Near?"

So we have been jamming The End Is Near as an instrumental with dual guitar harmonies, grateful shred-like melodic solos for a couple of years now and we finally decided this PUP could use some vox & lyrics. So I sat down and wrote it one late, late-night after walking on a moonlit beach in Santa Monica, a bit stoned I wanna say 3ish months ago. We rehearsed it just fine then decided to end the song in the most majestic way we could and well whether you are a fan of it or not, that is the outro piece we wrote and I'd say that was the most difficult part to nail, all together I mean. I personally love long instrumentals so it may be my favorite part... In all reality, the ambiance was how it always is when we are together recording... fun, buzzing, and racing to meet a deadline which we actually didn't meet. We wanted to release it on New Year's Eve, to be the last song of 2020 but we just couldn't get it together with all of the back and forth notes we had...which is why it was just released last week in 2021, oh well!

How does the creative process typically flow for your band? What keeps you inspired?

Well, usually the creative process consists of one of us sending the band chat a voice memo of a new song we are working on (alone) then the rest of the band will chime in and usually not be a fan of it at first... haha I think thee literal only time that the boys were fired upon a song at first listen was Dog Days which we released last year February 2020. Even Schmoky Bear our band's biggest critique, was stoked to throw on a fat funky bass line on that one. Other than that, like I said I'll either bring a newie to rehearsal, or we will send voice memos or shitty lil demos to each other and either like or dislike it and decide to move on with trying it as a whole, at the next rehearsal. I will also add though when we are together and actually at the rehearsal, we do work well together and bounce off of each other and make something that was a bit dull, a lot more colorful.

As you dive into your new sound as a band, is this the resonance that your audience can expect moving forward?

We are glad you asked this question because we were wondering if releasing this track would be an issue for that very reason, being that The End Is Near is nothing like our new album hence why we wanted to leave it in 2020. We have been calling our "new sound" if you will, SURF DISCO and basically Dog Days & Wild Style (two singles we released last year) better portray what we are cooking up. I will say though, it was a special experience touching base with our psychedelic rock roots with The End Is Near though and we will always hold a soft, sweet spot in our hearts for this kind of music.

What has been keeping you inspired to create music?

Love, and synths.


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