MelodicTae Stays True to his Name as he Releases "Come Through"

A new wave has been discovered in South Central Los Angeles and, he goes by the name of, MelodicTae. MelodicTae is from the Crenshaw District of Los Angeles and has recently been introduced into the music industry as a hybrid artist with both of his rapping and singing techniques.

After garnering some significant attention from his first single, MelodicTae went on to release two additional singles, which eventually led him to release a five-track EP titled 'Intro to Tae,' which offers listeners a well-rounded taste of the abilities he puts forth.

After being recognized for his talents and energy by an up and coming independent record label that goes by Gen Money Music Group, MelodicTae signed with them in September of 2020. Shortly after, on November 13th, MelodicTae released his latest wistful new single, "Come Through."

"Come Through" opens up with the resonant sounds of the instrumentation gently grazing the speakers and peaking your anticipation for what direction this record is headed towards. The soothing vocalization that MelodicTae puts forth in his performance exudes the burning desire that sparks his motive as a creative. The production elements stand out substantially. We hear MelodicTae's vocals gracefully fuse together with the gentle effects that accompany the bass's heavy supporting notes in this composition.

This record holds an intimate place in the mindset of the artist and the listeners. Diving deep into the carefully crafted lyrics, MelodicTae expresses a heartfelt relationship that trickles with intimacy on the love and lust scale. "Come Through" holds all of the trademarks of an intoxicating hit song. The captivating chorus pulls you in as you eagerly await the next verse to come, dabbling into the Contemporary R&B spectrum all while approaching the new wave modern flair that Hip-hop holds. We can hear MelodicTae's rapping and singing talents under a spotlight that shines ever so bright as he leaves a piece of himself with his listeners now and to come.

Congratulations on the release of “Come Through.” We get up close and personal with you as an artist and individual on this record. Could you please tell us what story or moment inspired the creation of “Come Through?"

I met my girl at the end of March and one of the first things I told her was the type of girl I was looking for. I told her something similar to what I said in the first part of my hook. I told her to tell me that she’s going to ride with me without ever lying to me. So, when I was thinking of a hook for my song, I went back to that conversation in my head. I came up with, “Say you gone ride, say that you love me don’t tell me no lies”. The rest of the song is an experience that I and my girl have shared so far in our relationship.

How does it feel to have your first official release with Gen Money Music Group?

It feels good to have my first official release with Gen Money Music Group. Before I signed with Gen Money Music, I hadn’t released music in a while for various reasons. Gen Money has shown me that they have some great ideas for me and the way they let me collaborate with them is something that I really appreciate and enjoy.

What went into the creative process when crafting “Come Through?" Could you take us into what you experienced on the creative side of things?

With this being my first single as an artist with Gen Money Music, I wanted to show them what I could do. Gen Money Music had my work with a producer named Taj and the very first beat he sent me was the beat we used for ‘Come Through’. I didn’t even ask Taj to send me another beat. That how fire I think that beat is. I immediately knew that it was the beat I wanted to use for my first single. I thought the beat was a perfect match for me to introduce myself as a Gen Money artist and to the world. As I was thinking of what to write, I just decided to write about the time that I’ve had with my girl over the past few months. After that, the rest was history. So, the creative process was pretty simple for me.

What would you like your listeners to take away from the music you release?

The first thing that I want my listeners to know is that I’m going to release good music. I consider my music in a category of its own; chill and sexy. The one thing I want my listeners to take away from my music is the seduction aspect of wanting to hear more of my music.

Do you have any other releases lined up before the end of 2020?

I definitely got some things in the works that I’m hopeful that will get dropped before the end of the year. Right now, I’m working on a visual for ‘Come Through’. That will definitely drop before the end of 2020. We just have to decide on a release date for that. I’m also working on another single that I’m really, really excited about. I know my listeners will be excited for that one too, especially if they’ve been with me from the beginning. That’s a hint to my listeners. I’m hoping I can get that out by the end of the year. If not, then that will definitely drop at the beginning of the year.