Melody Marshai Shows Off Her Poised Style in Her New Music Video "Pull Up"

Hailing from Los Angeles, CA. is glamorous R&B/Pop artist Melody Marshai.

Making the move out to LA with a suitcase in hand, and only herself to accompany, Melody Marshai knows the experience of starting over and completely crafting a new life. After a 10-year hiatus, Melody Marshai is ready to showcase and highlight all of the traits she has to offer, and her debut summer single, "Pull Up", comes at the most fitting time.

As the first musical offering from Melody Marshai, "Pull Up" brings forth a certain kind of luscious appeal. "Pull Up" offers listeners an escape into the intimate world of Melody Marshai, as the singer/songwriter wrote the song in tribute to her husband.

The music video for the single perfectly encases the love and passion that buzzes between them, and Melody ensures that there's an authentic and personable feel to the visuals. "Pull Up" first unravels itself with an attractive soundscape, setting the foundation of the song to feel elegant and glossy. Melody Marshai inserts her vocals, and once doing so, her charisma instantly shines through. Melody Marshai maintains soft-spoken vocals throughout the entirety of the track, which makes the song feel that much more seductive, and with naturally warm and laidback energy, Melody Marshai is able to set an appealing ambiance for listeners.

All in all, "Pull Up" was a graceful release by Melody Marshai and we're buzzing to see what this artist will release next.

Hello Melody, it's wonderful to have your with us and a big congratulations on your latest release, "Pull Up"! Can you describe the emotions that went into releasing this single, especially right after your 10-year hiatus?

I’m very excited about it! It feels good to have a new song out after so long. I love how the song turned out. I felt nervous about the video at first; I wasn’t sure if we were going to be able to shoot it because of the pandemic currently going on. Fortunately, everything went smoothly. We were able to keep everyone safe, so it all worked out.

"Pull Up" features a storyline attributed to your husband. Are you able to delve deeper into the lyrics presented in the song, and how you hoped listeners would feel whilst listening to "Pull Up"?

To be honest, while I was writing the song I visualized the video, which helped with the writing process. I always seem to visualize the setting and what’s actually taking place in the song. The visual is so important. The first two bars of the song is, “You’re the only thing I want to see at the break of dawn and the last thing I’m leaning on.” Pretty much describes exactly how I feel about my husband. His presence always makes me feel happy and safe. I can truly be myself when I’m with him, which is why he’s always the first person I want to see in the morning and last at night. My husband and I spend a lot of time in Malibu so I imagined us driving down PCH on a sunny, Summer day just in our own world, cruising down the coast without a care in the world. I love taking long drives, especially on the coast with the ocean view. I feel like the song will provide a sense of relaxation and happiness for my listeners. It doesn’t matter where you are, the song allows you to use your imagination and be wherever you want to be. It’s like an escape. The listener should picture him or herself with that special someone in their life and the feeling they get when they’re around that person.

Considering the personal and honest details shared within "Pull Up", did you find it was natural to craft your own experience into the song?

I found this song to be really natural because it’s about real life. I always want my listeners to feel connected with me musically. I want them to feel like they know me personally through my music. My music is how I truly express myself.

What would you say is one piece of advice you'd give to someone undergoing similar circumstances and taking on a hiatus from music?

I feel like taking a long hiatus is ok. Don’t feel bad about it because it’s ok. Sometimes it’s good to take a break to reevaluate yourself, learn some things, go through some things, and truly know who you are. That way, when you come back, you come back stronger than ever. You can release the best music when you have something to write about or sing about. Don’t ever think your time is up or it’s too late in life to pursue a career in music. You can release music at any age. It’s your confidence about yourself that other people will gravitate to, so keep your confidence up and believe in yourself.

What can fans expect to hear or see next from you? Thank you for talking with us today!

The video is out now, and the song is available for streaming and purchasing everywhere! My musical brain is really working right now, so I have more songs in the works. I think it’s safe to say that there won’t be another hiatus at least for a little while lol.