Melody Sheppard Reinforces That All You Have To Do Is, "TRY"

Some describe music as a calling, but for Melody Sheppard, it goes much deeper. It’s the reason she breathes. From years of learning the ropes on stage, as a child from recording artists well before her time, Melody Sheppard emerged on the Nashville music scene as an independent artist at the age of fifteen.

After collaborating with 2 x Grammy Award-winning producer and songwriter Shannon Sanders in 2018, the dynamic collaboration of the two led to Melody Sheppard releasing a single titled, “TRY.” As she dips into authentic themes of challenging her audience to tackle obstacles in their way, she reiterates the prevailing message to pull through while never giving up.

Two years later, Melody Sheppard is fresh off the launch of her own acoustic elucidation of, “TRY.” As Melody Sheppard taps into ethereal territories that this single has yet to see, she embraces the dominant tones radiated in her lush vocal performance as she cascades her essence on this ameliorated creation. Accompanying the tantalizing production of, “TRY,” with an enticing music video sure to draw in listeners, Melody Sheppard uses this moment to pay tribute to the cluster of deadly tornadoes that impacted Tennessee in 2020. With this stripped-down version of, “TRY,” breaking through the soundwaves, we admire the impactful spirit of the message to shine through each carefully crafted word penned.

The unique take on the visual aspect shows Melody Sheppard performing this piece on the piano amongst the debris and aftermath of the tornadoes that touched down. Her triumphant vocal performance matches the tone of the music video in a way that victoriously meshes the two together, like finding the final puzzle piece and laying it down. Through the quick cute scenes that transport your mind in an interlude of meaningful conveyance, Melody Sheppard drives home the power that she holds in this beautifully unembellished acoustic version.