Melt Away With The Soft Soundings of Su & Sid In Track "Astray"

Neo-soul duo Su & Sid will hypnotize you with their sound. We haven't come across a duo like Su & Sid in some time, which makes it all the sweeter that we did. Forming in Los Angeles, CA, Su & Sid blend their amicable artistic abilities together to create pure art. As a listener, you can expect to receive lighter elements to their music, a tranquil and fully-embodied experience.

They add in a sound of enchantment with their music, especially so in their latest EP "Nighttime Daydreaming". The album title is a peak with how you'll feel listening to their soundings, and we're incredibly excited to showcase one of our favorite tracks off of the EP: "Astray". The mellow atmosphere "Astray" introduces you to right away is extremely relaxing. The voices of Su & Sid are absolutely spectacular, in almost every sense.

They have the voice that easily glides across your ears, and melts within you. We get that authentic neo-soul sounding from "Astray", and the vocal execution as a whole is what makes this particular song shine. Their dynamics are insane, and once they bring their voices together, it's a kind of blend you never knew you needed. Incorporating a more mature harmony, we find ourselves getting lost in "Astray". That kind of lost where you begin to daydream as you listen along, completely fulfilled in your own personal space and thoughts.

"Astray" is a reflective song for sure, and makes us, as listeners, feel all sorts of ways. We ultimately have to say we feel comfortable listening to Su & Sid. They bring in that sense of raw honesty that can make you feel like you're at home, simply by listening to the sound of their harmonies, combined. You'll know you've found a real gem once giving this neo-soul duo a listen to. 

Let your mind wander with the sound of Su & Sid in "Astray" here


Hello Su&Sid! We're so excited to be featuring you and your latest release "Astray" on BuzzMusic! What was it like moving from India to Los Angeles?

Hi guys, thanks for the opportunity! Well as you can imagine, the move was a big deal as it meant not being able to see our families/friends/fans for a while and having to adapt to a whole new country and assimilate into its music scene, but we've been dreaming so long about being working musicians in the center of the entertainment world that the excitement of moving to L.A. beat all our doubt and it seems to be the best decision either of us have made so far.

"Astray" is flooded with absolute passion and emotion. What emotions were crucial to channel when creating this song?

The crippling sense of being directionless and not in control of your life is what Astray is essentially based on. It was borne of doubt and disconnect, emotions not unfamiliar to the artist, or any thinking, feeling person sometimes. We tried to portray the hidden internal conflict one has while going about their daily lives, unbeknownst to the people around them, while seeking divine or cosmic guidance. 

It's hard to go through the motions every day of your life without stopping to question it and yourself. This song is about getting lost in the questioning.

What predominant message was integrated within "Astray" that you hope your listeners take away from it?

This song wasn't written with the intention of delivering a specific message, it just allows you to vent. But if there is message it would be that we spend too much energy trying to figure out what we're 'meant to do' and should probably just take a breath, search for personal happiness (a whole other ordeal, we know) and purpose will meet you in the middle. 

The vocals in "Astray" are absolutely breath-taking! Have you had any professional training? How have you honed your vocal style overtime?

Aw, thank you. Yes, I (Su) had been trained in South Indian classical music for 8 years as a child, which really strengthened my voice. After that, I was in various choruses and bands and completed a performance course at MI. Besides that its just years of experience and an inclination to music. 

My vocal style comes from my mixed influences from Billie Holiday to Chris Cornell to Stevie Nicks to Chaka Kahn, with a slight Indian touch that I can't really help. RnB/Soul and jazz are what my voice leaned toward as I grew.

As a debut single, "Astray" leaves a huge impact on listeners! What can you tell us about your upcoming 4-song EP "Nighttime DayDreaming"!?

As the title suggests, the E.P. is a collection of the free thoughts you have after sunset. As the day winds down you revisit all the things weighing on your mind, whether it is the search for something more, or worry for someone close, or the loss of someone dear. We've found that it is during this time of day that you're most honest with yourself.

The rest of the songs in the collection play with your emotions a bit, as some of them are comfort songs and some are more agonizingly hypnotizing than 'Astray'.

Our second single 'State of Mind' is almost a response to Astray as it reassures the listener with its upbeat nature. You'll be able to hear this one by the end of October!

Thank you so much for talking with us about your single and creative process. Can you describe how your performances feel? Do you enjoy live shows, or do you prefer the actual songwriting process? Also, any live shows coming up in the near future?!

Our performances are immersive and intimate, it's a whole different thing to play your feelings to a crowd face to face compared to a recording, but we absolutely love it!!! We're always left feeling bonded with our listeners after a show.

We love both performing and writing but they take turns being the preferred outlet. We've been expanding some of our live sets with live-looping and special guest performers and have a bunch of shows coming up in November. We are VERY excited about it so stay tuned to our socials! :)


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