Melt Away With The Soft Soundings of Su & Sid In Track "Astray"

Neo-soul duo Su & Sid will hypnotize you with their sound. We haven't come across a duo like Su & Sid in some time, which makes it all the sweeter that we did. Forming in Los Angeles, CA, Su & Sid blend their amicable artistic abilities together to create pure art. As a listener, you can expect to receive lighter elements to their music, a tranquil and fully-embodied experience.

They add in a sound of enchantment with their music, especially so in their latest EP "Nighttime Daydreaming". The album title is a peak with how you'll feel listening to their soundings, and we're incredibly excited to showcase one of our favorite tracks off of the EP: "Astray". The mellow atmosphere "Astray" introduces you to right away is extremely relaxing. The voices of Su & Sid are absolutely spectacular, in almost every sense.

They have the voice that easily glides across your ears, and melts within you. We get that authentic neo-soul sounding from "Astray", and the vocal execution as a whole is what makes this particular song shine. Their dynamics are insane, and once they bring their voices together, it's a kind of blend you never knew you needed. Incorporating a more mature harmony, we find ourselves getting lost in "Astray". That kind of lost where you begin to daydream as you listen along, completely fulfilled in your own personal space and thoughts.