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Mely Marie’s “Mixed Feelings” Has A Unique Collection Of Styles and Sounds That Are Sure To Get You

Born in Secaucus, New Jersey and known for her stage name “Mely Marie” is singer and song writer Melissa Marie Salvador. At the age of two she became state winner for “Sun Kiss Beauty Pageant” which was a reputable contest at the time. Her parents later decided to raise her in Puerto Rico and here her love for the performing arts grew immensely. She has won awards for her outstanding talent as a singer, model and actress and has been involved with many contests and musical performances. Melissa started composing her own songs and participating in local talent shows after falling in love with the idea of becoming a professional singer/songwriter as a teen. A few years later she moved the United States to focus on her singing career and alas – “Mely Marie” was born. In December 2017 she released her first single “All Night” and in 2019 she released “Contagious” as part of her EP “Mixed Feelings” that was released today. Her patience and desire of becoming a recognized pop artist has had Melissa performing in California, Miami and New York as she continues to work extremely hard to make her dreams come true.

What a strong start to this EP! “Back To Life” is a laid-back track that eases you into this fiery collection of music. Mely Marie has a unique tone of voice that is soothing to listen to and a beat that reminds me of “Without Me” by Halsey – catchy, filled with different sounds and easily stuck in your head. The beats in this track have an eerie, ominous vibe and this is a song I personally think you could find as a theme for a fifty shades type movie. With deep and meaningful lyrics, this song is a real hit that I cannot get enough of.

Hitting us with another knock out song with “Dancing With The Devil”. This down to earth track is filled with solid beats that lure you into the luscious lyrics. The alluring sound of Mely Marie’s voice has a different tone that is a lot more easy-going and lighter compared to the previous track, yet still very serene. Featuring Josh Cruz, whose vocals complement Mely Marie’s exquisitely. The lyrics are full of lust and passion which makes for great chemistry when singing the duet. I love the way the song ends with soft harmonious humming to leave you really feeling tranquil.

Don’t be quick to think this is another soft, relaxing song because it gains traction quickly and gets you moving to the upbeat sound this song brings to this fantastic EP. “All Night” Brings a hint of vibrancy to an album that has such a wide variety of styles and resonances. Mely Marie has really shown that her talents are not limited to one genre of music and that she is able to add a mix of flare to each song to make them truly unique. This particular track a different sort of finesse that helps all the songs flow together perfectly and leads us into the next song with ease.

“Karma” is an upbeat track that has a fierceness in both lyrics and music. I am absolutely in love with the steel drum sound that can be found throughout this track – personally I think it adds real character to this lively tune. Mely Marie’s voice continues to impress during this classic hip hop song and featuring Famous Kid Bric with a rap section that really knocks this track out of the park. MelyMarie definitely knows how to write exceptional lyrics that are extremely catchy like “I knew, I knew that Karma always, always comes true”. This was another song that showcased her talents in multiple genres and I am incredibly impressed.

“Good Times” has more of a techno feel to it, and is the perfect song to follow up “Karma” with. This track brings you back down a little with funky sounds, and another haunting and eerie song that is sure to lure you in. With so many different layers scattered throughout this addicting beat, I find myself mellowed out and focusing on all the different aspects of the music and lyrics. Another one with catchy lyrics such as “Good times can kill this love” and tones that encourage relaxation and peace, this song is a definite must have on your summer playlist!

Mely Marie definitely knew that “Contagious” was the perfect name for this bumping track. I legitimately got up and started to dance while listening to this song, as it really draws you in. The different echoes of instruments throughout this song makes you really have to take a good listen or two, to fully absorb the sheer elegance of this vivacious song. Mely Marie’s vocal style in this song reminds me of Dua Lipa and also hints of Ariana Grande that blends fantastically with the music track. “Contagious” is definitely going to be a hit song of summer 2019 and one that I can picture myself listening to it cranked up while driving to the beach with some friends! Overall this EP was a pleasurable mix of styles and sounds that were presented in a fascinating and brilliant way!

Listen to "Mixed Feelings" here and get to know more about Mely Marie below!

Hey Mely Marie! Love the New EP! Can you tell us a bit about yourself and how you decided to start writing music?

Hey guys, thank you for loving my EP “Mixed Feelings”! Well, I’m a very happy, positive person. I grew up in Puerto Rico were music in the family has always been there to connect us and to create new memories at parties or get togethers. Now in my household we listened to everything from Destiny’s Child, Jlo, 80’s freestyle to Salsa there was no type of music preference. That’s why I started writing music around 12 years old because I enjoyed so much the different genres that it was easy for me to express my self through music. 

What inspired you to write the EP “Mixed Feelings”?

“Mixed Feelings”  is me! All of those songs are either thoughts that went throw my mind, things that I want to do and even many moods that I was having all that helped me create the EP. It took me two years to finish this project, believe me there’s a lot of feelings involved. 

There are several tones and styles found throughout this EP, what kind of things inspire the creation of your unique and moving sound?

Well, what I basically want is the sound to match my writing. I always create the beat in my head and I have a vision of how I want the song to sound and what I want to talk about. If my atmosphere, the production, my environment feels right all that inspires me to create. 

What were some challenges, if any, that you faced when writing the songs for “Mixed Feelings” and how did you overcome these challenges?

I think having to remember some of the songs, and maybe saying- Oh, that’s why I wrote this or wow I feel this way. Like some of the songs aren’t from now, some of them are from past breakups or even times that I felt that I needed to be somebody else to be liked for example. But I think it was all worth it because I grew up emotional and I broke out of my shy shell, and out of my lack of courage. The EP made me break that wall of insecurities and then finally I had a release date. 

If you could pick one song off your new album that is your favorite, which one would it be and why?

“All night” has to be my favorite, because it was the first song I release to the world and I felt unstoppable. I felt that I accomplished something that I thought I was never going to do. Also, this song makes me want to get up, get dressed and head out! 

Are there any artists you would like to collaborate with on future albums?

Yes!! Definitely I love collaborating with different artists.

What new and exciting endeavours can we expect from Mely Marie in 2019?

I already started writing and producing Spanish music so hopefully by the summer I’ll be doing my transition into Spanish music. Obviously is an industry that’s growing and I can take advantage of my roots. It doesn’t mean that I won’t be working on English as well, I just want the world to know I’m versatile, there’s more to me! Also we’re working on creating some really cool merchandise and there’s some really great features coming with some awesome artists. 2019 it’s full of surprises, I’m super excited for everything that’s happening! I know you guys are going to love and be super supportive on my new projects. 


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