Memphis Artist Nolan Brings a Charismatic Production and Lyricism in “Lost & Found”

Emerging from Orlando, Florida, but now originating from Memphis, Tennessee is the talented singer, producer, and songwriter Nolen. Dedicated to his music for years, Nolen has worked on perfecting his skill of turning experiences and stories from his life into dynamic musical performances. Hoping to motivate with his words, Nolen’s songwriting allows his fans to escape tough parts of their lives. His latest single, “Lost & Found”, consolidates his understanding of what he has learned through charismatic production and lyricism.

Beginning with a cluster of sounds, “Lost & Found” definitely excites its listeners right away. Reverse piano sounds with interesting chords sound really unique and really reflect Nolen’s production skills. As the song continues, explosive drums come in and give the song a strong beat. This gives “Lost & Found” a hard-hitting quality, but also makes the song flow in a special way. “Lost & Found” then continues with Nolen’s vocals. He comings in with a soft, and very present tone. It fits into the instrumental perfectly, and also gives “Lost & Found” a new atmosphere. As he continues with the vocals, “Lost & Found” blends together as a whole and sets the whole emotions of the song. With great lyricism and amazing production, “Lost & Found” reflects all the excellent skills and experiences Nolen had to endure in his life and career.

Listen to "Lost & Found" here.

Hi Nolen! Welcome to BuzzMusic, we are happy to represent you and your new single “Lost & Found”. It is truly amazing that you produce and write your own songs, not many artists can say they can do that successfully. When you produce your instrumentals, do you like to produce from home, or in a studio environment? Do studios give you a good working vibe, or are the kind of distracting?

As a producer and songwriter, I feel my best work comes from working home. Though the instrumental for Lost & Found was made by DJ Smuv, someone I look to as a mentor, the song was written in a day and edited in two. When you're home, it's easier to remember everything that's happened in those walls and you can pull inspiration from the troubles you went through or the great moments you had there. All of the inspiration from my beats and my lyrics come from home mostly because when the day or night's over, I go home and process things that went wrong or good. There's nothing wrong with a studio environment, there were even times where I made some great music for people in studios. However, at the end of the day, home is just where the heart is.

With what you have told us, you try to motivate the people listening to your music to escape tough moments of their lives. In “Lost & Found”, what is the message of motivation that you personally feel you are trying to present?

This is gonna sound really cliche, but Lost & Found is essentially a song about being yourself. So many people try and find acceptance through partying or clubs and Lost & Found ended up being a song not only directed towards my friend, but it serves as a personal reminder to myself and for people that living the lifestyle that you see through Instagram or Facebook isn't a way of finding acceptance. Most of the people you find there won't hit you back the next day. You won't find a person that understands you there. Trying to live that lifestyle might actually do more harm than good because when you come to the realization that it's not what you wanted, you'll find yourself further from the person you really are.

With a lot of positivity spread throughout your music, do you feel like you have multiple messages to get across to your fans? Do a lot of your fans write to you on social media telling you how the song has helped them through tough times?

As a person who has been through a lot throughout my life, I feel there's a lot I can get through to people with my music. Lost & Found is just the beginning of a long journey for me and for my fans. After it was released, I had people messaging me about how they deeply related to the song and wanted to know if future songs would cover the same subject matter. Though there will be a lot of songs that follow the idea of falsehood, I wanna write songs that act as stories that deal with problems people didn't know they could relate to. I feel that'll always be the goal of my music.

Being a producer and songwriter, it must be difficult to consolidate a lot of tracks to make an album that you consider to be ready for release. However, do you plan on any new releases in the future?

When I create music, the first thing I ask myself is, "Does this track fit who I am and what I'm going for?" If not, I decide to sell it. Right now I have enough music to plan further releases. Actually, you should expect a new song as early as the middle of next month. There's a lot I have planned for this year, so I hope everyone straps in and enjoy what I put out. Currently, everything's at least 90% done. There are still things I need to figure out, but once I'm on the right track, I think this will be a great debut year for me.