Men's Apparel Brings a Bittersweet Taste With Their New Single, "Two-Tone Lover"

Pittsburgh based Alt-Rock project Men's Apparel releases their heavily passionate and transcendent single, "Two-Tone Lover."

Consisting of sole member Nick Korzi who does all of the songwriting, production, and arranging, he's been impacted by artists like Lee Hazlewood, Scott Walker, and Lana Del Rey to reach his serenely haunting sound.

Developing a knack for melancholic undertones and dense instrumentals, Men's Apparel's latest single "Two-Tone Lover" brings this overwhelming Arctic Monkeys sensation through the intense atmosphere, while spicing it up with Lana-like soundscapes and pads. That being said, the end product that is "Two-Tone Lover" is incredibly unique and rich in raw passion and unrestrained emotion.

Men's Apparel begins "Two-Tone Lover" with a mystical and nostalgic approach from the jump. While the mid-tempo beat serves perfection for Nick Korzi to serenade over, an intriguing bass line and supporting alternative instrumentals liven up the song to be incredibly passionate and heavy. 

Everything from Nick Korzi's low, charming, and profound vocals to the captivating string soundscapes brings vast clarity that will inevitably rub off on the listener. Men's Apparel and their overall sound are so intriguing within this single; Nick organically makes listeners question what's not serving them anymore while inspiring them to chase what their heart desires. 

Men's Apparel has shown true skill and talent with the overall atmosphere they've delivered on "Two-Tone Lover," and we can't help but keep the repeat button on for this track.

Hello Men's Apparel and welcome to BuzzMusic. What inspired the concept and storyline for your single "Two-Tone Lover?" What was your songwriting process like when crafting the lyrical storyline? 

I think as a songwriter, I strive to be as universal as possible while still embedding some personal storyline stuff into the mix.  I think that it's a scenario we have all been in; a companion that is hot one day, cold the next.  A few lines came to me while I was playing the chords out; I think "'cause you like to be the one to trouble me sometimes, then pull me back in your arms" was one of the first lyrical motifs that came along.  From there, it's a little bit of imagery here and there and a little bit of personal perspective on those sorts of relationships.

Seeing as you solely lay down the production and arrangement for each song, which fundamentals did you start with when creating "Two-Tone Lover?" Did you lay down a beat to start off with?

The scratchy guitar riff is what came out first, and then the chorus melody; almost simultaneously.  I've been fiddling with that kind of rhythm for a few years now, and so finding an application for it is always exciting.  Then, I think I used a drum machine I had lying around to etch out a rhythm, and that was that.

Since you're the sole member within Men's Apparel, do you find it easier to finish a piece now that you're the only one who has a say in the process? Do you think you might collaborate with anyone in the future?

I think it's the opposite, actually.  Knowing that I can just change something anytime I want causes me to second guess a lot of things and having essentially as much time as I need makes me a little lazy.  I think accountability is key; holding myself accountable is difficult, though.  Regarding collaboration, I think that my ultimate vision for Men's Apparel is to be a communal thing.  Yes, I want to be in control of production and vision, but I don't want to shut the doors off to others.  There are a tone of instruments I can't play and parts I can't sing, so why not bring in those that can do those things.

What initially pulled you into creating these heavy and somewhat melancholic atmospheres? How have your musical influences impacted your approach to songwriting and creation?

I think it's just who I am in a lot of ways. Those that are close to me know that I am a bit nostalgic and a bit romantic (not in the valentine's day way; more so the adjectival way).  I've always been drawn to pieces of music that slather on melancholy (Liebestraum No. 3 by Franz Liszt and Nocturne No 9 in E-flat by Chopin are two very early examples of this for me) and/or have an orchestral basis (Vertigo Soundtrack by Bernard Herrman).  Then my uncle recommended Scott Walker and Lee Hazlewood which was the best of both worlds, and then I built off of those foundations.  Modern-wise, Frank Ocean, Last Shadow Puppets, Lana Del Rey all helped with the soundscapes.  I could go on and on about this.

What can fans anticipate to hear next from you?

Well, I am going to try to start an acoustic video series while I continue recording my debut EP, which should be out before years-end.  At least one more single, a number of videos, and an EP by 2021 (fingers crossed).