Mend Your Heart With Heidi Anne's Latest Single, "Cry No More (When Will You Be Mine)"

The British Singer/Songwriter Heidi Anne releases her empowering and inspiring single, "Cry No More (When Will You Be Mine)."

You may have heard the name Heidi Anne before, as she's mostly recognized by her sweltering 2012 single "When The Sun Comes Up (feat. T-Pain, Lil Wayne & Rick Ross)." After five years of performing on cruises and in hotels, Heidi Anne is finally back in the studio to release her latest single "Cry No More (When Will You Be Mine)."

This single serves pure empowerment, as Heidi Anne provides lyrics of standing her ground and not allowing someone to hurt her continually. With vibrant pop instrumentals and heated production, the track brings high vibes for listeners to find their inner power and reflect on their worth. Also releasing a music video for the single that captures vivid scenes of a lonesome breakup, Heidi Anne has thoroughly created something for any mending heart out there. 

"Cry No More (When Will You Be Mine)" begins with Heidi Anne's sweetly layered background vocals chanting for someone to love her forever and treat her right.

Perfectly setting the track's empowering tone, she continues to venture into her delicate emotions while wishing that her emotional pain will soon subside. The underlying production brings a mid-tempo beat with trap-infused drum patterns and melodic keys. 

The atmosphere gives listeners a safe space full of reflection and resilience, while Heidi Anne spills her heart out for listeners to surely relate. Especially through her music video for the song, Heidi Anne places herself in heartwrenching and reflective scenes that drift back and forth from positive to negative, much like the emotions we feel during a breakup. From crying in her room to dancing in the streets, she perfectly places visuals for her fluctuating emotions.

With the release of her single "Cry No More (When Will You Be Mine)," Heidi Anne sets sail into her well-deserved destiny and leads listeners by example through her self-assured lyricism. 

Hello Heidi and a warm welcome to BuzzMusic. We deeply admire your empowering and relatable message within "Cry No More (When Will You Be Mine)." What was your songwriting process like, and how did you channel such emotional words with such strength?

For the first time in my life, I actually sat down and wrote exactly how I felt at that moment in time, and that's how I came up with, 'Cry No More'. Not only that, but so many people can also relate to these scenarios and relationships when a partner goes cold turkey on you, and you never really understand why. I don't just write heartbreak ballads though haha, and I definitely did overcome the situation at that time in my life, coming out a stronger person at the end of it.

Seeing as your single "Cry No More (When Will You Be Mine)" was produced by FerKKo, what sort of discussions took place regarding the goals you had in mind for the atmosphere delivered on the song? What was your collaboration like?

I wanted the song to remain emotional and ballad-like, but also have a bit of a beat. My favorite genre is R&B and it's all I listened to growing up so that's the vibe I was going for with this one. Ferkko knows how to put his spin on things so I didn't need to give him much guidance, I just said keep it up-to-date, which he of course did.

Regarding your conceptual music video for "Cry No More (When Will You Be Mine)," how did you come up with these vivid and reflective scenes? Did you direct the video yourself?

The video was directed by myself and my friend Joey Lever of Digitilheart. He has huge talent and is known for his renditions of Spiderman. 

We've heard that you're back in the studio eagerly recording new music, as well as some festive treats. Is this your first time delving into holiday music? Could you drop any hints as to what we should anticipate?

Firstly, Christmas music is my absolute guilty pleasure (but I don't feel so guilty about it). I released a few years ago my first one; 'I Ain't Spending Christmas Alone' which was described by Steve Sunderland as being 'Very Mariah Carey', and Pitbulls' manager as 'Great Christmas song and should be in a movie'. I will this year release an official music video for that which we filmed earlier this year in Chamonix. The follow up is called 'Dear Santa'..... but you'll have to wait and see what's on my wishlist... 

What has been keeping you inspired in 2020?

Although live performances have been off the cards this year, it hasn't stopped me writing and working on new material, in fact, I've had way more time to focus on my own music to come which has been great!