Mend Your Heart With Heren Wolf's Single, "Empire"

The Italian (London based) chamber-pop singer/songwriter Heren Wolf releases a compelling and emotional single titled, "Empire."

After his father's unfortunate passing, Heren Wolf found himself experiencing life with a little less glimmer and felt that creating a single surrounding life's fragility would create a moment of reflection and growth. 

"Empire" takes the listener into cinematic depths through Heren Wolf's delicate crooning vocals and gentle instrumentation. "I create music to make sense of all the sorrow and trauma I experienced, and I deal with it every day."

A firm advocate for mental wellness, Heren Wolf infused this single with the realization that even the most extraordinary "Empire" is bound to fall at one point or another. 

Taking a listen to the mesmerizing journey that is "Empire," Heren Wolf's sublime and soothing vocals grace our ears with pure precision and a natural delicacy. With ambient soundscapes drifting in the background alongside soft droning synths, the entire instrumentation merges into a tender atmosphere with help from melancholy piano chords. 

Serene woodwind instrumentals make their cameos and create a heavenly sensation, inevitably giving listeners a chill up their spine. Last but very