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MERESHA Explores An Exhilarating New Romance In “BETTER”

This is what love is all about.

A dynamic, multifaceted artist with an instantly recognizable signature sound, MERESHA’s ascension has genuinely been a sight to behold. As a pioneer of the Alien Pop genre, her otherworldly creations infuse contemporary pop with an ethereal and cosmic twist, making for a one-of-a-kind listening experience.

With her 2017 EP “Enter The Dreamland” and subsequent releases garnering critical acclaim from both her peers and the industry, it’s clear that MERESHA’s talent shines as bright as anyone’s.

As a vocalist, songwriter, performer, multi-instrumentalist, DJ, AND producer, it’s safe to say that MERESHA’s passion for music is sky-high. Her mastery over multiple aspects of music creation ensures that she can carry out her artistic visions to a T, with a clear plan for every release.

Her attention to detail and genuine artistic ability have impressively led to her charting on Billboard, winning MTV’s “Freshman” competition, and other accolades. The sky is the limit as MERESHA continues to rack up awards and recognition.

MERESHA’s latest release, “BETTER,” is an upbeat, vibrant offering that sees the captivating songstress infuse her enchanting vocals into a glitzy pop instrumental. Accompanied by a stunning music video, “BETTER” captures the joys of failing at love only to pick yourself up and find something better.

Every time MERESHA sings, “He's loving me better, better, better,” you can’t help but feel uplifted by her infectious energy and our only advice for you. Let the upbeat tempo and MERESHA’s vocals sweep you away.

“BETTER” is a breathtaking, uplifting release that channels the joys of emerging from a heartbreak better than ever and finding a new romance worthy of your incredible self. Whenever you’re ready, tap in and stream MERESHA’s new release, “BETTER,” now on all major streaming platforms. Check out the music video as well; it's now on YouTube.

Welcome to Buzz, MERESHA! We loved "BETTER", we wanted to ask! What was the inspiration behind this release?

"BETTER" was inspired by the end of a relationship. It was time for something better. More generally, we all face situations that we want to move on from and get to a better place.

What is your favorite part of the creative process for making music, and what was your favorite part of seeing your vision for the music video come to life?

I love all parts of the creative process, from the first ideas to full songwriting, working in the studio, figuring out the cover art, etc. For the "BETTER" video, I worked for the fourth time with David Rousseau, one of the best-known music video directors (Pitbull, Shakira, etc.) I sent him the song, lyrics, and a mood board of colors, images, and vibes I saw for the song. The storyline and location choice were his ideas, though we brainstormed around them. The shoot was smooth, and we communicated in some ways without talking.

What does music mean to you? What goals do you want to achieve through your music?

I want to raise the spirits of people I reach with my songs. Music is everything to me. I work on my music every day. Over time, I hope to be able to perform more broadly worldwide. So far, I have performed in parts of the US, Europe, and Japan.

What do you want people to feel when they hear your music?

It depends on the song. "BETTER" is an optimistic tune that can help those in a rut or those on their way to a better situation if it makes them tap their feet or dance even better.

What's next for MERESHA? Can we expect to hear more new music soon? Is there anything you'd like to say to your fans?

I have started work on my debut album, which I plan to finish by August. So far, I have released singles, EPs, and compilation albums/mixtapes. This album will be my first concept album. I have already started on it. For now, fans can get to know me by listening to the "BETTER Mixtape," which includes twenty of my best songs. I am curious which ones they like best.


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