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Mi.Yayø Seeks the Real Ones With His Latest Bop, "Milestone"

Hailing from Miami, the Artist, and Rapper Mi.Yayø releases his latest bop for listeners to get down and groove with, titled "Milestone."

Born and raised in the poverty streets of Miami, it wasn't long before Mi.Yayø knew he needed to venture into his artistic career and make a name for himself. Constantly leveling up to be the best version of himself, Mi.Yayø is the prime example of a successful independent artist who's taken his challenges as fuel to execute a better future. 

With his latest hit "Milestone," Mi.Yayø takes listeners on a warm adventure down the coastal highway with beachy-inspired electric guitar and a scorching hot Trap/Hip-Hop beat. Mi.Yayø spills the truth within his bars, putting the fakes and phonies on blast while preaching that patience was the hidden key to his success. 

"Milestone" begins with sweet electric guitar and Mi.Yayø's warm vocal delivery. Once the entire beat drops with intricate drum patterns, the production bangs through without a single dull moment as it's truly dynamic and textured. Something we must note is how similar Mi.Yayø's vocal stylings are to Ty Dolla $ign; there was an ounce of confusion as we thought Ty was a sneak feature on this tune. 

As Mi.Yayø continues to deliver his bars surrounding the appreciation for the woman by his side, his journey to success, and his radar pointing out any fakes in his way, we love the diverse lyricism and concepts he's gathered in such a short amount of time.  

With a bouncy Hip-Hop banger under his belt, "Milestone" is yet another level up for Mi.Yayø, as he continues to venture down his solo path to greatness, without an end in sight.

We heavily admire the depth and texture you've captured with your head bopper, "Milestone." What was your initial concept for the single? What inspired your bars and lyrical message?

The goal was to make a song that basically represented my personality and city the city I'm from! Basically just pour out my thoughts, journey, and experience!

Within "Milestone," the production is incredibly textured and dynamic. Did you produce the song yourself? Why did you want the sonics to be so playful and light, seeing as your bars deliver deeper aspects?

I didn't make the beat, but I did personally edit the instrumental. To spice up the groove a little. Experiencing the melody gave me the lyrics and just had fun making the song overall. During the moment, I was just having fun, which gave it that fun-wavy vibe! That really wasn't the focus, but it was the results!

Speaking on your bars within "Milestone," how did you go about writing your lyrics that depict various different concepts and themes? Do you have a particular process when writing your bars?

Honestly, I just let the music that takes me away! I do have a slight routine, but nothing spectacular! But honestly, for the most part, I just have fun and go with, not against the sounds circulating.

How have you seen your music career change and expand up until the release of your single "Milestone"? Why do you think your music and brand has garnered so much attention?

From my debut single to now, definitely was a major change. Went from the unusual "Oh, you make music now?" To "when are you releasing an album!" They just had to know I was serious for them to take me seriously. I've also gotten a few music deals offers I've had to turn down because their vision didn't align with mine, but it lets me know "they're watching." & the attention that I've gained up until this point. I have to give all the credit to the music. It speaks for itself. The people feel the words are what I hear alot.

What can listeners anticipate to hear next from you?

Definitely good vibes, of course! I've finally settled into the artist role and ever since I've tapped into the better me. So the music yall fell in love with thus far, I appreciate everyone's support, but it gets better. And for the fuel y'all gave me, these next records will show the growth! 




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