MIA Chocolate Princess Showcases Her Fierce Single “No Distractions”

Keeping your speakers booming, and your dance floors active is the artist MIA Chocolate Princess. Beginning her career in Los Angeles, she showed promise and passion with her enthusiastic performances at a young age. Her skills earned her spots on some popular Disney shows, and features on Everybody Hates Chris, and The Bernie Mac Show, giving her confidence to produce and write her music. Recently, MIA Chocolate Princess has come out with a new single called “No Distractions”. With fast-past production, this track is sure to keep your attention.

“No Distractions” begins with a super cool sound synth line that is very appealing and catchy. Adding more fun to the party is MIA Chocolate Princess' flow. In “No Distractions”, MIA Chocolate Princess switches from singing to rapping, showing us, she is the whole package with her versatile artistry. Paired with exciting lyrics, the song comes together as a whole. Additionally, the synths set off a rebellious atmosphere the song reflects as a whole. As the 808 and drumline come in, “No Distractions” feels like it turns into a huge party within itself as the song unfolds. The energy the instrumental gives off is outstanding, and there is no way you won’t see yourself doing a couple of dances moves while listening. We wouldn’t be surprised if you heard “No Distractions” at the club the next time you go out.

Listen to "No Distractions" here.

Hey MIA Chocolate Princess! Welcome to BuzzMusic, we are really happy that you chose us to represent you and your new single “No Distractions”.  When writing this song, what were your initial intentions?  

I wanted to express my emotions towards clout chasers seeking validation

Did you want to make a song that would be able to play in a club, or were you going for more of a care-free feel and did what you wanted to do? 

This one was too dope NOT to play in the club because the energy was bananas each time we banged it in the studio and we could barely let it play all the way to the end without singing it to each other.

When growing up, you mentioned to us that you had some features on some pretty big shows.  I know that is in your past, however, did it help you wrap your head around the business side of the industry, or even musically?

The experiences I had as a feature on different projects DEFINITELY prepared me for the business and help me manage my time with new projects to see improvements and better results

With a song like “No Distraction”, there is for sure going to be a lot of dancing going around.  However, is there another non-party side of MIA Chocolate Princess we haven’t seen yet?

OH YEAH!! I enjoy books at the beach, a good pasta by candlelight or widescreen movies and baked snacks. I'm adventurous so I like to enjoy nature when I can

In the future of 2020, do you have any plans for an album coming out?  Or, any singles with some collaborations from some artists?

I look forward to a few different collaborations male AND female and many upcoming performances as I plan to continue to drop hot new music singles with some hot new visuals...music videos and TRUE vibes.