Mia Taylor Thrives in the Sultry, "Frontin'"

Born and raised in Brooklyn, NY, the singer-songwriter Mia Taylor has developed an incredible and unique sound for herself. With a blend of Soca and R&B music, she has combined her Trini heritage with her Brooklyn vibe.

From a young age, she has had a special kind of love for the arts, starting off her journey as a dancer. Her beloved grandfather, a popular steel pan player, poured his love for Soca music into her development, which influenced Mia to carry on her grandfather's legacy within her music. An island girl in the city, Mia Taylor has a sound like no other, making her the kind of artist that will change the sound of the music industry.

Fresh off the release of her melodic EP, ‘Things I Never Said,’ Mia Taylor allows listeners to delve into a heartfelt expression of her lucid mindset. As we grasp onto the magnetic pull of the second song featured on the three-track project, we hear Mia Taylor approaching a pulsating beat that eases you into the soothing vibrations of her opulent vocal range.

Upon first listen to “Frontin’,” you’re immediately reeled into the sonic expressions infiltrating your mind in a graceful manner. Tapping into the heartrending hues that Mia Taylor showcases magnificently, the style in which her buttery timbres caress the soulful instrumentation has us wrapped in a blanket of luscious effervescence.

“Frontin’,” allows Mia Taylor to say her piece through songwriting techniques that focus on the importance of timing and spatial cues as each word is presented in a poignant tone, and allows the impact of the lyrical motifs to simmer with intention. Holding a flame to artists such as H.E.R and SZA, the exclusive use of her harmonics propels her into a category where the music that she creates could be easily heard in the scheme of mainstream soundscapes.