Mic Emoji Releases His Single Titled “That Ring”

Mic Emoji has been doing music ever since he was 14 years old, and it’s become intertwined with him like an arm or leg. However, for many years he stopped writing and performing music. He felt as if he lost a part of himself, and began pursuing other things but mainly life. Once Mic Emoji attained the job as a medical examiner which gives him more of a perspective on life, love, and time we have on this earth, he started to do what he loves to do again, and that’s music.

We took a listen to “That Ring” by Mic Emoji and this record is going to have you in your feelings in a way you won’t expect! The sensational R&B elements you get from this song easily create this soothing vibe for you as a listener. The romantic atmosphere “The Ring” will have you thinking of somebody significantly special in your life. “I'm gon buy you that ring’” he sings. You felt every lyric and every emotion behind the delivery. You can tell Mic Emoji wrote this single with intense passion and it showcases through the resonance of his tone and the zone he catches you in. “That Ring” was a beautiful song that’s perfect for summer nights and late vibrations you’re seeking to feel!

Listen to “That Ring” here and get to know more about Mic Emoji below!

Thank you for sharing your journey with us Mic Emoji! What would you consider some of your influences and inspirations for your music?

I'm inspired every time I heard a great song. Don't get me wrong I love the old stuff to but it's something about hearing a brand new creation and the new music artist are bringing to the people. My influences are many from Michael Jackson to Donald Glover, Prince to Theweeknd, Jayz to T pain.. I like to combine the old with the new 

What has been the most challenging aspect for you and your career so far?

Streaming and promotion. Its a lot of Artists out here trying to again a following. I'm do this all Organic none of that fake stuff like buying streams and follower I'm just looking for a audience that truly rocking with me.

Let’s talk about “That Ring”. What’s the meaning behind the passionate lyrics? 

That Ring was inspired by the Movie Lord of the Rings, Every body was trying to get the ring of Power and would do anything to get it, So I thought what if you fought that hard for love. The line my precious is symbolic of the want and obsession of the woman you love. To me she is my Ring of Power and I am hers So I give her the ring.

In what ways does “That Ring” personally relate to your life?

My whole concept for music is about the human condition and how I can make things better. Songs about love, struggle, and fun

But "That Ring" all about a man  finding his source of power in the love of good woman.

What can we expect from Mic Emoji in the future?

The future just putting out good music and grinding for now I will probably be dropping a song every month or two this year.


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