Micah Premieres His Heartfelt Release, “Easy”

Born all the way in Jackson Mississippi, Micah moved all the way to Los Angeles over 10 years ago to pursue his music dreams. Right away he met Alisan Porter and together they started the band called “The Raz”. The band eventually broke apart after a ten-year run, and soon after, Micah began writing songs with his best friend Rhett Fisher, forming the alternative rock band that was known as Manic Mind. The band got pretty lucky and signed pretty fast to a manager and investor which led to their first record deal. After recording their first debut album, Rhett and Micah went their separate ways musically for a couple of years, slightly insane from the business.

Fast forward to now, Micah is here with a solo project that will take you through the depths of his musicality. The premiere of his record titled “Easy” will surely captivate its listener with Micah’s warm vocal tone and comforting presence in the single. The dynamics in Micah’s delivery was prepossessing and striking. He entices you and abducts you onto this journey of romantic lyricism where you feel yourself personally connecting to the song. The gorgeous chords to the guitar help set the foundation for “Easy”. The production was actually arranged highly atmospheric and we loved that. Micah’s authenticity as an artist shines through “Easy” and this is a gorgeous song that will emotionally change you. Be prepared to get moved by this heart-rendering track.

Give a listen to Micah's "Easy" here!


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