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Michael Bright Reels You In With New Single “Heartache”

Michael Bright released his plush sounding hit Heartacheand he was able to demonstrate his level of professionalism and skill that could be uncommon for growing indie artists. “Do you remember, after dawn, the city bright lights, on the walls”. Michael Bright gives us the ability to paint a picture so vivid and special, we place ourselves within the music. “Heartache” transports you into a realm of imagination and reflective emotions. The melody is flowing and beguiling with a consistent rhythmic motion in the beat. The sweet and harmonious vocal resonance from Michael Bright helps serenade us with the exquisite mix of a love bop and a contemporary groovy tune. The euro-pop styled beat is dimmed down with a smooth-sailing delivery. The sweet sophisti-pop energy “Heartache” is possessed with, relaxes you and brings you a sense of comfort while listening. Michael Bright is connecting with his listeners with his relatable lyrics and unique way to captivate you to the entirety. You really find yourself uniting with “Heartache” as a union oppose to simply just listening to the song. I’m always a personal fan of artists that open the door between their music and the fans for us to walk through and become apart of the journey the songwriter has curated for us. Enjoy the path you’re currently on and the feeling “Heartache” gives you because it’s a sensational feeling not many music can do nowadays!

Listen to Michael's "Heartache" here, and don't forget to check out the artists personalized interview below!

Hi Michael. Can you introduce yourself to our readers? Tell us a little about how you got into music!

I’m a 19-year-old singer that was born in Toronto and raised in Brampton on with the passion for music. Growing up I had many influences in music like Chris brown, Usher, and Michael Jackson at a very young age of 7, I started making music in my small studio creating my own sound and developing myself as an artist.

When did you create your first song and do you remember the feelings you felt?

Wow I remember my first song was made in 2014 and it was the best feeling because I actually wrote a song and recorded it, I felt excited and proud!

Can you explain to us what “Heartache" is about and what inspired you to write it?

Basically, me and this girl used to have a relationship we had something strong and it was love. I messed up the relationship and she now want nothing to do with me we fell apart and I’m telling her all the wonderful memories that we had together, Throughout the song you can hear my emotions change from begging her back to my pride reminding me that it wasn’t my fault. In the song I’m very vulnerable and have a lot of emotional changes. In one line you hear me say “Just tell me how I’m chasing just to keep on the ground, cause you keep coming back to me” Basically I keep trying to get her back but I end up staying in the same spot, I come to a realization that continuously thinking about her won’t help me elevate. Then I switch and realize that I can’t forget about her because she keeps coming back to me and the heartache continues. What inspired me to write Heartache is that I wanted a song that connects with people and describes their pain.

Explain to us a little bit about your songwriting? What is your creative process like?

First when creating a song, I find a quiet space and listen to the sound and I have melodies in my head, I write about some personal experiences and about others experiences.

What can we expect to see next for you?

Big things more music and amazing music videos, I’m already working on new songs set to release very soon!


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