Michael Fairman Stands the Test of Time With, "Other Side"

From Milwaukee to Los Angeles, pop artist Michael Fairman releases an empowering single titled "Other Side." After moving from Los Angeles to New York and back to LA, Michael Fairman saw many unexpected turns that took his career on different paths than he anticipated. He knows that if he doesn't take action on his career now, he'll regret it for years to come. Displaying this strength through his latest single "Other Side," Michael Fairman shares introspective lyrics of growing older as time moves forward and moving to places of self-love and dignity. While the instrumentation gives off a radiant feel-good atmosphere, Michael Fairman adds to this feeling with incredibly honest lyricism.

Listening to "Other Side," the song begins with soft acoustic guitar and celestial pads. While quickly moving into a short and plucky electric guitar, Michael Fairman begins vocalizing his woes of standing the test of time. As the chorus comes around, we can feel a sense of belonging to the song as Michael Fairman sings such a positive message of accepting that time is continuously moving. Not to mention the unifying instrumentals through a bright mid-tempo approach, this entire song can easily resonate with anyone who feels their youthfulness threatened. With "Other Side," Michael Fairman realizes that he must show himself love and keep his inner child alive. A song that reminds us that age is but a number, "Other Side," allows us to keep moving alongside time.

Listen to "Other Side" here.

Hey Michael Fairman, welcome to BuzzMusic! We're truly touched by your inspirational and forward-thinking single, "Other Side." When you sing about going to the "Other Side," does the "Other Side" represent a more peaceful and optimistic outlook on life? I don’t know if I would say “peaceful” but I would say it represents “being at peace with yourself”, and where you are at, and that through all the difficult times you have been challenged by in life; that you can hold your head high that you have gotten through it all.  And yes, the “Other Side” as referenced in the song is from an optimistic vantage point that there is always hope, even in the darkest of times.  One must never give up hope. Seeing as Michael Fairman's single "Other Side" is about the future and time, what drove you to create a song that accepts the unpredictable future and growing older?  They always say the best songs are written from personal experience, and sharing authentic parts of your life.  I was facing an unpredictable future with a surgery I needed to have at the time I wrote “Other Side”. That was coupled with the fact that as I looked around me, as said in the lyric of the song, “Time keeps moving forward”.  I was growing older and feeling the effects of the perception of that.  There is such ageism in this country- that people 45 and up are not viable and vital - whether it be getting hired for jobs, finding a love connection, or whether it be in pop music and as an artist where youth sells, while life-experience may not.  If anything with my music, I hope that I can flip the switch and have an impact in the music industry as a new artist that delivers time and time again; music that is in-step with the sound of the times, and that it can be heard on pop radio without discrimination based on age. We've noticed that "Other Side" is relatively different from the rest of Michael Fairman's discography. What pulled you to create something different, especially through the uplifting and natural instrumentals? It was time.  I had recorded the dance track and the pop anthem vibes in my previous singles “Thing About Me” and “Can’t Let You Go”.  I knew I wanted to record something that was very profound and deep on many levels, and to make it a much more intimate sound, while maintaining what has been unique to all the production of my released tracks on Spotify and Apple Music, etc.   So that is how “Other Side” came about. We've heard that Michael Fairman's most significant influence was George Michael, and his passing allowed you to realize how short life is and that your talent needs to be displayed every day. How will you reflect this onto your music career? George Michael’s passing weighed so heavy on me; that this brilliant singer/songwriter was gone.  It was my wake-up call to follow what I believe I was meant to do all of my life, and to get back up and restart that aspect of my show business career, even later in my life, and to let my singing voice and my songs be heard.  I can only hope that in the next years of my life, I can write and perform material even half as good as George Michael’s who songs remain a constant inspiration, as he truly bared his soul and touched so many people because of it. What's next? We FINALLY were able to shoot the official music video for “Other Side”.  Due to the coronavirus pandemic, we were trying to shoot it since March, and in Los Angeles where COVID-19 cases have recently spiked.  Recently, we were able to lock in a location and have a small crew - all wearing masks with social distancing protocols in place - to get it done.  I can’t wait for people to see it. (In the meantime, I put together an at-home acoustic video performance of “Other Side” that I hope people enjoy)  In addition, I have a new track in production as the follow-up to “Other Side” and there just may be a virtual kind of concert coming up depending on how things shake out with the pandemic.  It’s a different world we live in now, and in this new reality, it’s about finding additional ways to keep engaged with your fans, and with your music. So, I would say, “Stay tuned!”