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Michael M Jeni Serves Up the Heat With His Latest Single, "Body Language"

Independent AfroPop/AfroBeat artist and producer Michael M Jeni, releases his charismatic new single, “Body Language.”

This multi-talented Iowa artist has created a timeless and sultry ambiance. Michael M Jeni, is artistically versatile remaining the mastermind behind his creations on a creative and technical level. He collaborated with Young OG to produce the sound of “Body Language,” and take us on a sonic voyage.“Body Language,” conveys a presence and forward confidence that you can only dream of.

“Body Language,” immerses us in tropical vibes right from the jump that instantly transports us to a sizzling utopia.

The upbeat elements in the instrumentation make it so you can’t help but tap your fingers and toes to this intoxicating melody. Michael M Jeni blesses us with his smooth and empowering vocals singing a tune of that summer love that has you reminiscing on that special someone.

Michael M Jeni’s vocals exude a lively and comforting spirit as his delivery dips into a Pop essence that keeps the sound voyage upbeat and intriguing. The gentle yet powerful existence in his delivery through each verse and chorus draws you into every word and has you singing along long after the song has ended. He hits storytelling elements with his well-crafted lyrics like, “I already know what I’m gonna do, I know you not shy, yeah I see you’re moving, we got all night so what it do it, baby, what it do.”

We’re feeling the vibes that Michael M Jeni is putting out and can’t help but feel the sunshine through his delivery. We can’t wait to hear what this up and coming artist has in store for us with his next release.

Congratulations on the release of, “Body Language.” Could you please let us know how you linked up with Young OG to bring this creation to life?

Thank You! “Young OG Beats” is an “AfroPop/AfroBeat” producer based in Africa. I found his YouTube page in 2017 full of various instrumentals and since then we’ve been rocking non-stop. This particular instrumental I’ve sat on for a year and a half knowing that to me, this was something special, it has a groove that you can’t deny. “YOUNG OG” produced the beat while I added my own edits and touch. 

Is “Body Language,” based on a real-life moment? How important is it to you to talk about the real-life experience in your music?

“Body language” was based on a real-life moment, well a couple of moments, while adding a bit of fantasy to it. Not everything in music can be simple, you have to keep the listener on edge and always waiting for the next “off guard” moment. It’s very important for me to keep my music accurate while still adding a twist of fantasy. I want every listens to connect and relate to what I’m saying.

Could you please take us into what the vibes were like in the studio session where “Body Language,” was created?

“Body Language took 16-17 days to record. That’s the recording, the mixing, mastering and of course, the car test/ readjust phase. During my studio sessions, it’s just me, I do it all, I take great pride in my music, and felt the need to invest in music equipment, that way I’m responsible for my sound. Typically I’ll record multiple melodies and adlibs around the instrumental and build from there. Not every song I record is the same process. “

How have you found it by juggling not only the creative process but the technical aspect of your craft?

I’ve found it challenging at times, well while back at least. After I released “body language” I took a break from recording and started to do research on some of my favorites engineers and gain insight from them from YouTube interviews, even messaging on Instagram. From there, I started to re-mix some of my old songs and try new techniques and plugins to use for my upcoming music. The new music I’m working on and the new approach to revamping my sound, I can’t wait for everyone to hear it. The creative is a process that s somewhat there as something always happening in my life that I can write to and bring to life. 

What has been keeping you inspired and focused to create new music this year?

Music is one thing that I know that speaks to people's minds, souls, and hearts. The fact that I’m able to create so much of my reality it’s crazy at times from my perspective. If my music can touch someone's heart that’s enough to keep me going. All the accolades are nice, but I care more about the people who enjoy my music.

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