Michael Manhertz Spreads A Message Of Dedication And Passion In "Take It All"

Dedicated worship leader and passionate artist Michael Manhertz has devoted his life to Christ and singing. Michael has been leading congregations in worship for many years, allowing his love for ministry to grow. Through his opportunities, Michael has been able to share stages with fellow Christian artists such as Sharon Riley & Faith Chorale, Londa Larmond, Vashawn Mitchell, Israel Houghton, Todd Dulaney, Kim Burrell, Marvin Winans, Amante Lacey, Tye Tribbett, and many more. Over time, Michael has developed his own soulful, energizing sound through his powerful vocals and meaningful messages. He aims to point people from all walks of life to Jesus Christ. Michael is currently working on the release of his debut album! Stay tuned. 

Michael’s debut single “Take It All” was released in 2018 and is available on all major streaming platforms. It focuses on giving out passion and dedication to Christ and showing worship in every way we can. The graciousness and honesty can be heard through the delivery of Michael Manhertz’s lyricism and smokey vocals. The addition of a choir throughout “Take It All” adds all the more power and meaning to this incredible message. The outpouring of dedication and overall message of love and faith is contagious. It’s easy to sing along to “Take It All” and get lost in the teachings of worship leader and up and coming artist Michael Manhertz. 

Check out “Take It Allhere and read more with Michael Manhertz below! 

Thanks for chatting with us Michael! What can you tell us about your debut single “Take It All”?

Thank you for this opportunity! The pleasure is truly mine! Wow! The song 'Take It All' was birthed from a place of hurt, guilt and shame. I was at a point in my life where everything I had put my hopes in, were falling apart! I got devasting news that the dream I had been working hard towards, wasn't going to pan out the way I wanted it to. It drove me into a deep depression. So much to the point that I didn't leave my house for 3 months. I was completely devastated and crushed by this failed goal. During this dark time, I prayed and asked God to take away all the hurt, guilt and shame I was feeling from this situation I was going through. Out of that prayer, God birthed this song through me! This song is meant to uplift any listeners that are in a rocky place. Lay all your burdens at his feet and embrace total freedom! 

What made you decide to start recording your music and spreading your message of worship on a larger scale?

In my community growing up, I often didn't see a lot of men leading worship and/or singing in the church! It caused me to be ashamed of my gifting and embarrassed to acknowledge it was something I loved. So, I decided to be the person I never saw growing up and make a difference in my generation and the one to follow! As far as spreading the message goes, leading worship at church and devoting more time with God, songs just began to flood my heart which impressed me to share. I wrote a song a few years back (you'll get to hear it soon) and shared it with a mentor/group I was apart of and they LOVED IT! I was shocked! From then on, I became really confident about the songs God had given me and seeing the impact of the song being sung in various churches in the local area gave me a small glimpse of what God can do through a song! Since then, I've been aiming to spread the gospel to youth, young adults and anyone who needs some 'Good News'! We could all use some Good News, right? 

Who are your musical influences that have helped to shape your career in music? Why?

Where do I start? Ok... William McDowell and his pure heart for a deeper relationship with God has really impacted my sound and approach to leading worship. Jonathan Nelson and his eclectic sound, Byron Cage for his timeless music, Brian Hamilton and Divine Worship whom I served under for years groomed me as a professional and taught me to always have a standard of excellence, Matthew McIntosh and LIFE for teaching me to be an atmosphere changer wherever I am, Owen 'O'Sound' Lee to this day has shaped and continues to develop my sound. He's behind majority of the vocal arrangements you'll hear from me! I've learned a lot from him and honor him for his hard work! Trinity Anderson has also coached me and helped me with many practical and applicable tips and strategies that I use to this day! I appreciate and honor her as well!

When you're not writing music, what do you do?

I love spending time with friends and family for sure! Nothing beats bonding with loved ones! I'm also very enthusiastic about sports! Particularly basketball and football! I'm always down for sports talk! Also, I love working with youth! I serve with the youth team at my church. I'm very passionate about investing, mentoring and grooming our youth for success and helping them grow and develop their character spiritually and mentally! I've also been able to run after school programs through local organizations to help kids in various low-income/high risk area by providing safe spaces for kids to have fun while providing and fostering basic skills!

Can we expect another album in the near future?

I am currently working on my project right now! You can expect it to drop in the near future! I've been blessed to work with Sean Samuels and Kirk Grange of Dream Universe Music Group on the record! They have done a phenomenal job with the project! Can't wait for you to hear what we've been cooking up! I'm looking to drop my single for the album very soon! Stay tuned to my socials for more info on when it will be released! 

What's next as 2019 comes to an end?

As the year comes to an end, you can find me releasing some merch, traveling, looking for various networking opportunities to grow and develop. I'm also in full gear planning for 2020! Keep an eye out for that! Lastly, I'm aiming to come various cities near and abroad to lift up the name of Jesus! Hopefully, I can meet you in the near future! If you see me in person, hit me up! I'd love to connect and talk with you!


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