Michael Tee Creates A New Motto For Us With His Hit Single, “Party Life”

Michael Tee, Born Temiloluwa Akinbohun, is a Hip Hop, Rap, and R&B musician. Michael is known for his catchy melodies, clever punchlines, wavy flows, and crispy vocals. Born in Los Angeles California, but raised in Lagos, Nigeria - Micheal has experienced the hardships of both worlds. Music has always been his source of strength and inspiration to keep going.

Michael's love for music led him to write songs, as well as tell powerful stories, expressing himself freely through music. He is heavily influenced by the late 2000s to early 2010’s R&B, Hip Hop and Rap era, and more recently, dove into Pop-Rap. His new hit single “Party Life” combines and displays these styles.

As soon as the beat for “Party Life” comes on you’re dancing and bobbing your head. The energy is fun and bouncy. Michael Tee flows effortlessly over the dynamic production. The wavy energy of the song allows you to escape ordinary life and get lost in the dreamy moment that it creates.

“Hold up wait, Elevate,” this line encourages the listener to level up. It hints at becoming a freer version of yourself. The motivating bop of a song is trickled with both dark and bright lyrics. It's the perfect song to put on when you want to feel like a rockstar. Michaels jiggy performance makes you want to be at his live show and party.

Welcome to BuzzMusic Michael Tee, and congratulations on your new single “Party Life.” We love the energy and vibe that you’ve created with this song. Was there a specific moment or event that inspired you to make “Party Life?"

Yeah, I always felt like I wanted to create a fun, bouncy, and positive song that people could listen to and just dance, vibe or enjoy the moment no matter what they have going on. I remember songs always having the power to my emotions, you know when you’re angry or frustrated but when your favorite party song comes on and just changes your mood completely, that’s the power I hope this song has on listeners too.

In the song, you say: “Poppin' champagne life is too short I'm tryna’ live it up.” How important do you think it is to live in the moment? What advice do you have for someone who struggles to live in the moment?

I would say it’s really important to embrace every part of it because time is precious, so create memories and live every day like it’s your last on earth. Try not to worry about the future and just embrace the present moment because life is too short. You don’t want to regret not stepping out of your comfort zone or creating memories you should have later on.

You’ve lived a life rich with culture. How has living in both Los Angeles and Nigeria influenced you, and your music?

Wow, it's definitely an experience especially because both of the cultures are very different but I’ll say it shaped me to be comfortable with being uniquely myself without caring about trying to fit in anywhere and just making a world of my own culturally and musically.

“Party Life” is so full of energy, we cannot wait to see your live show! If you could perform on the same stage as anyone in the world ( dead or alive) who would it be?

I have so many but my first option would have to be J. Cole because he is just amazing performing on stage while killing it and you can tell he cares about his art and love for music, making everything seem so easy and effortless.

What's next for you?

Making an amazing body of work, being able to connect with so many beautiful people and perform on stages all over the world no matter how big or small they are because it’s all about being able to relate and have connections with people. I see myself making history in a lane of my own and everyone being shocked about the path I took and made it successfully. Success looks different, but I definitely know how I want mine to be.