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Michael White Is Done With The Mind Games In New Single “Stop Playin’”

Talented up and coming artist Michael White is from Portland, Oregan. He promotes a positive vibe and stuns with his mesmerizing vocals. His range and style set him apart from today’s mainstream pop/ hip-hop artists. Michael pours his heart and soul into every single release and lyric. His first single “Head In The Clouds” prompted the creation of his first solo project with producer Surebeat called “Feelings”, set to be released May 2019!

Michael White’s hottest new single “Stop Playin’” perfectly highlights his incredible vocals. His emotion in every verse and chorus is evident throughout the track. “Stop Playin’” takes us on a journey through Michael’s inner thoughts and experiences with love. He expertly puts his feelings on display in an artistic and vulnerable fashion that are easy for fans to relate to. My favorite lyric is “I’m too grown for all of these charades, do yourself a favor boy and act your age” because it’s straight and do the point. He is done with the games! Michael White has said his songs are a mix of real and fiction and I can’t wait to hear the story behind this track. The song features a catchy pop melody with undertones of R&B and hip-hop arrangements that are easy to vibe to and bump anywhere. “Stop Playin’” includes a hot rap verse from Toño which is a refreshing twist to the track. I think this single is a great example of what’s to come from Michael White in 2019! Stay on the lookout for his new album dropping in May.

Listen to “Stop Playin’” here and scroll down for our exclusive interview with Michael!


Hey Michael! Can you start by telling our readers more about yourself and your upbringing?

Hey hey! I’m Michael! I’m a singer/songwriter here in Portland. I’m quiet, but when you hand me a microphone, I ain’t so quiet anymore! I’m trying to get in on the Portland Pop Music scene but bring them big R&B Soulful Vocals as well.

Your voice is incredible! How did you get started in music/singing?

Thank you! I have hid my voice for years! Because I didn’t think I was good enough. I have a high speaking voice, which I was born with, but that gave me a beautiful talent as well. I remember as a kid, the first song I ever sang as a kid was Céline Dion’s “My Heart Will Go On” and I’ve been in choir throughout my whole schooling career. Never shared it with the world until fall of 2016. Did Karaoke for the first time and the positive feedback I received after one song made me change my whole perspective of the one thing I thought was super scary to me. Not anymore. There’s a beautiful thing about singing. The passion and the emotion….there’s nothing like it.

What inspired you to write “Stop Playin’”?

Stop Playin’ was a song I wrote after a break up. I was inspired by the gay community because love is such a rare thing to find and when you think you’ve found someone who might be the one…turns out everything isn’t what you expected it to be. I was tired of countless flings or what-could’ve-beens because all they do is lead me on, so I got bored and tired of trying to find someone and write a song about how tired I am of men playing games with your mind. I couldn’t finish the whole song by myself and I wanted to do a feature with a rapper who is part of the LGBTQ community and luckily enough Toño (he was featured on your page!) was able to do so. We live like 2 minutes away so in a way it was fate haha.

What’s the theme of your new album “Feelings”?

Feelings is my pride and joy. I wrote it during a 4 month span, I was super sad and heartbroken but this whole album made me happy and changed my whole perspective on life and that I can be happy again. The songs, personally for me tell a story. But for listeners I them to know, that it’s okay to fall in love, it’s okay to demand love that you know you deserve. Because you deserve happiness. Know your self-worth and don’t settle for anything less. 

Can we expect more collaborations on the new album?

There aren’t any vocal collaborations on this album but I worked with local Portland Producer Surebert on a couple tracks for this album. I wanted my first project to be my own thing. My own voice, my stories, my emotions. No one else’s. I have no idea what the next project is for me, but I have so many ideas. Hopefully you’ll stay tuned for what’s next on this music journey for me!


Stay up to date with Michael via the artists website and Instagram!


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