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Michael White Reflects on Past Love with His Thorough Album, 'My Heart'

Soaking us in his sweet pop stylings from Portland, the 29-year-old LGBTQ+ singer-songwriter and versatile artist Michael White opens his heart with a vulnerable 13-track album entitled 'My Heart.' Constantly sharing positive vibes through his lyrical content, Michael White is never one to shy away from vulnerable and personal themes. Grasping inspiration from staple pop acts like Ariana Grande, Demi Lovato, and Christina Aquilera, Michael White is more than excited to captivate listeners with his heartfelt pop/r&b album, 'My Heart.' Diving headfirst into the album, Michael White graces us with the soulful introductory track, "Worst Time (Intro)." As the song opens at a downtempo pace with Michael White's lush background vocals serenading us alongside the tender drum breaks and gentle synth arrangements, he later makes a broader vocal appearance and lets listeners into the passionate and overwhelming space of parting ways with someone who will eternally linger in the back of his mind. We truly adore the soothing and warm feel of this intro track, as it perfectly starts the album on a note of pure passion and devotion. Moving onto the album's second track, "Blacked Out," the song opens with more of a groovy r&b tone, primarily through the haunting ghost-like background vocals and the pulsating synth melodies. As Michael White's warm and smooth vocal stylings pour through our speakers, he begins letting us into relatable scenes of numbing the pain with anything he can get his hands on while attempting to flee the overbearing thoughts that crowd his mind. Moving through the song, Michael White offers brilliant vocal harmonies overtop of the mysterious and dark-sounding sonics, closing the song with nothing but truth, honesty, and introspection. Getting up close and personal with the project's third track, "My Ex," the song opens like a lush and serene horizon through the slow cascade of synths that flood our speakers with the utmost ambiance. As Michael White begins vocalizing his thoughts of why he stays with a certain someone who continues to disappoint him, the background sonics slowly start to expand with added downtempo trap drums and the same hazy synth arrangements. We can't get enough of Michael White's honest and personal lyricism within this track, as he explains the trials and tribulations of attempting to fix something so shattered and broken. Spicing up the sonic atmosphere with the album's fourth track, "D.T.L," we're met with a groovy and sultry opening through melodic background synths and Michael White's savory melisma. This is the first track on the album that showcases Michael White's strength and stamina after parting ways from an ex. We can't help but feel that the album is meant to track his progress after a breakup, as this song is the perfect pick-me-up to anyone in need of a heated groove that encourages the listener to move onward and upward. We love Michael White's wit, charisma, and positivity in this single, as he helps us look at the glass half full. After feeling like he's on top of the world, Michael White later sinks into a deep state of reflection with the next track, "Better Alone." The song opens as tender and soft as the first ray of morning sun shining through our east-facing window, as we're met with soothing piano melodies and filtered brass melodies, almost paying a sonic tribute to the late great Mac Miller. While singing about how someone changed his life, Michael White later solemnly reminds himself of how he's better off alone. Although this might not be entirely true, anyone can relate to this lonesome feeling that comes and goes from time to time.

Moving forward into the album's sixth track, "Someone Love Me," Michael White brings us into yet another highly relatable listening experience through his lyrics that touch on craving affection, love, and care. While wishing for someone to share his life with, Michael White serenades us with his soothing and calming vocal stylings that float through our speakers with the utmost grace and ease. This emotional and personal ballad truly leaves us with a breath of fresh air, as Michael White has perfectly crafted the most relatable lyricism regarding the drive to find his partner in crime.

Landing on the midway point and title track, "My Heart," the song opens as bright as the morning sun through vibrant pitched-up vocal arrangements and lively synth arrangements. As Michael White makes his energetic vocal appearance, he later expands on feeling uplifted when in the presence of someone so near and dear to him. We love the electro-feel of this track, as the sonics blast through our speakers with energetic and groovy flairs while Michael White serenades us with his whole heart and soul. We love the dynamic feels of this album, as Michael White has provided the perfect soundtrack to a breakup thus far. Getting nostalgic and soulful with the next track, "Wanted Love (feat. Toño)," the song gracefully opens with sonics that throws us back to the prime eras of r&b through plucky keyboard melodies and organic drum breaks. As Michael White begins setting the song's passionate atmosphere through his lyricism that pays tribute to the love he once shared with someone special, we can't help but feel uplifted by this refreshing lyrical feel. Later on, the featured artist Toño makes his sweet vocal appearance and jumps into an upbeat rap/spoken word where he gives a sweet and savory ode to the magic he feels when around someone special. Bringing the modern flairs of pop/r&b to the album's ninth track, "For U," the song opens with filtered guitar melodies that later beam with their natural vibrance and heart. While Michael White makes his way in, he uses this time around to delve deeper into his psyche through lyrics that break down his emotions regarding someone who shut him down. As he continues to remind them of their hold of him, Michael White leaves us with a bounty of emotion while allowing us to find a piece of ourselves within his saddening and unfortunate lyricism. Michael White truly has our feet tapping to the downtempo and soulful beat as he closes the song off on a note of serenity.

Drifting into the album's tenth track, "Drive Me Crazy," we're met with another celestial and vibrant electronic sonic feel through the sweet and fluttery synths that pierce our speakers with a bounty of passion. As Michael White begins vocalizing his tender emotions once again, he takes his time to delve into the harsh and unfair way he's been treated by someone close. While reminding his significant other of his desire for them and how he yearns for their time, Michael White later expands on the fast-paced mind that feeds him stressful thoughts. We're totally getting down with each serene synth that makes its calming appearance, as the sonics perfectly complement Michael White's heartfelt, relatable, and personal lyrical themes. Opening the next song, "Happy," with a heavy electric guitar melody alongside angelic ghost vocals, we genuinely love the instrumental and sonic switch up within this hit. As Michael White begins touching on his journey to healing the broken heart a few songs back, he expands on ventures like mediation that could potentially lead him out of a rut and into clarity. That said, he further delves into his fast-paced mind through lyrics that touch on his anxiety that causes him vast amounts of stress and steers him away from true contentment. With the addition of a bright and booming bassline, the song truly makes us feel all sorts of emotions with help from the dense sonics and Michael White's personal lyricism. Hitting play on the album's twelfth track, "Nearby," the song peacefully opens with slow and mellow piano melodies alongside Michael White's warm vocal portrayal. As he touches on romantic scenes of the pleasure and passion felt by the touch of someone special, he later delves into the emotional sensation of saying goodbye to someone who's changed his life in many ways. While also asking them to stay nearby and to not leave him alone in the dust, we honestly couldn't have asked for a more vulnerable and respectable piece from Michael White, especially as we begin to close off the dynamic album. As the album comes to a close with the passionate and hopeful outro track, "Give Us a Try," Michael White opens the song with a plucky and soothing acoustic-electric guitar while he begins expanding on his devotion to someone and his attempt to flee his lonesome nights. Through this downtempo track, Michael White encourages his significant other to give their love a try one last time while grooving to the song's downtempo and soothing sonics. While the gentle outro track comes to a close, Michael White leaves us with a bounty of life, passion, and heartache to take away and ponder. There's an old saying that states, "When a writer loves you, you are immortalized," and that's precisely what Michael White has done with this entire album as he pays tribute to a love that once was. Find Michael White's album, 'My Heart,' on all digital streaming platforms.


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