Michelle-Lee Offers Up Her Powerful Single "Willing"

We're loving the emotion and passion in Michelle-Lee's music. You never feel robbed of energy when listening to Michelle's music. Michelle offers her music to listeners in order to resonate with them on their personal and private experiences. We feel that Michelle is changing her category in a big way, contributing music to the soul/R&B scene that is full of robust intensity. You can really feel Michelle's personality through her music, and that's when you know you really found a true and honest artist--when you can personally feel themselves through their music. We feel that we're getting to know the real Michelle-Lee when listening to her tracks, and so inevitably we can't stop listening! We want to know the whole Michelle-Lee, and we encourage our BuzzMusic listeners to do the same, especially in her most recent single "Willing". 

The atmosphere presented to listeners in Michelle-Lee's latest track "Willing" is powerful and dynamic. Michelle-Lee is able to transform her voice all throughout the track, allowing for an intricate experience for listeners. Her voice is silky, soft, yet hard-hitting at various points in the song. We love how diverse Michelle-Lee presents herself with her voice, and shows to listeners that it only gets better as you go along. We can't believe the incredibly notes Michelle-Lee can reach. We are highly captivated by her attitude, and entranced in her overall production of "Willing". Michelle-Lee undoubtedly offers a refreshing take on the soul/R&B music scene, and as listeners, we felt ultimately connected with Michelle through her track. We know Michelle-Lee isn't going anywhere with her music, and we cannot wait to see what Michelle comes out with next! 

Check out Michelle's powerful track "Willing" here

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