Michelle Martinez and Miguel Fasa Debut, "Worst Enemy"

When discussing dream collaborations, we have two specific people in mind.

Michelle Martinez and Miguel Fasa have returned with not only another hit single but a message in their highly anticipated single, “Worst Enemy.”

The flourishing label-mates and siblings wanted to create an uplifting vision that people could hear, relate to, and be inspired by, in their day to day lives. The overall theme of this new bop is to never give up and knowing that sometimes that main obstacle in the way is yourself.

“Worst Enemy” initiates with soft synth elements and distant ambient vocals from Fasa, all while the effervescent elements of electro-pop are introduced on the record. 

Pulling you into the track, Fasa keeps an up-tempo hip-hop cadence that makes you bounce to the lyrics being rapped. His soothing vocals break into a beautiful pre-chorus cutting into the main message of this song.

When Martinez enters this record with sultry vocals and moving harmonies, you suddenly hear that femme power you didn’t know this record was missing. This dynamic duo complements one another with their intoxicating vocals and enough soul to fill an entire era.

The fullness to this record is effortless with harmonious backing vocals that keep you drawn in and not missing a beat. Martinez and Fasa truly share the spotlight while taking turns adding their own flavor to a chorus that is stuck in your head long after the song is over.

With this single being under 3 minutes, it leaves us wanting to click replay and listen intently to all of the hidden layers and gems showcased in “Worst Enemy” all over again.

Congratulations on the release of your new single “Worst Enemy.” Besides the message in the song of yourselves being your worst enemies, what are your worst enemies in life?

The main inspiration for this song is the enemy from within. Everyone has their own demons, their own obstacles, and how you deal with them is a key factor in how you go about life. For me, it might be procrastination, fear, or self-doubt. I think everyone has an idea of what they must do to reach their full potential, but it’s a lot easier said than done. I’m usually my own worst enemy.

Being siblings and label-mates, what is the biggest challenge you both face when creating?

Working with Michelle is super easy-going and chill. I know she’s always going to bring good ideas to the table. The biggest challenges for me are usually other sources. Things like “how do I get my idea to sound the way I hear it in my head?” as well as “how can we film that?”

Could you please tell us what the typical creative flow process looks like for both of you when constructing your records? Do the lyrics come first or the instrumentation?

For me, it’s always the music first. I’ve written songs down first in the past, but it’s just not how I like to vibe. I need to hear something that speaks to me. I look around for all different instrumentals and sounds until I find something that inspires me. After that, I start constructing the way it sounds in my head, creating melodies and format. I also have to figure out how the song progresses and flows; how many verses, chorus, bridge, etc.

Once I hear the way I’d like the song to sound, I start writing. A lot of times I’ll freestyle on instrumentals, that’s how I usually find my hooks or choruses then write out the rest of the song around that.

Who are your inspirations outside of music that motivate and influence the sound and messages you send out?

Another passion of mine is film acting. I would say it’s one of my biggest influences. “The Matrix” is my all-time favorite movie; I saw it for the first time with my dad, and he loved it too. It gives me a certain feeling while watching it, and I often try to inject that emotion into my music. It’s hard to explain, but it’s a vibe I get.

What has been keeping you inspired in 2020?

It’s hard to believe we are in this type of situation. With all the loss, isolation, and pain the world is going through, it’s definitely hard to find motivation sometimes. But I believe there’s a light at the end of the tunnel. A big motivator for me has always been using music to give people a moment of joy, hope, or just comfort for a few minutes.