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Michelle Monique Channels The Hazy Allure Of “3 A.M”

We all know it goes down in the nighttime.

With smooth, elegant vocals that seem to float over any instrumental performance and a natural ear for catchy melodies, Michelle Monique has quickly established herself as one of her generation's most intriguing and talented musical prospects.

An independent Latin pop artist hailing from Tucson, Arizona, Michelle Monique’s journey into music came naturally; her mom played multiple instruments, and her dad made music himself as a young adult. Although Monique would also have athletic dreams, music was never far from her thoughts. As she begins her musical journey, we’re glad she’s reunited with her artistic passions.

Drawing influence from her Hispanic heritage and varied upbringing, Michelle Monique’s sound effortlessly incorporates diverse influences, making them coherent and appealing releases. She’s been known to make Spanish and English songs, crossing the language divide and proving that good music is a universal language.

Having decided to embark on her artistic journey with the creation of her first undertaking, “3 A.M”, Monique has since become an artist. As she looks to the future, there’s only one thing we can say: it looks incredibly bright, and we can’t wait to see how far she can go.

“3 A.M.” is a dreamy release that powerfully evokes a feeling consistent with the title. Smooth, ambient instrumentals provide an atmospheric yet comforting backdrop to Michelle Monique’s shimmery vocals. Reggaeton's influence is readily apparent here, with hints of R&B providing a little extra smoothness to this release.

Although the instrumental arrangement leaves nothing to be desired, the show's star is undoubtedly Monique’s gentle yet alluring vocal performance. Much like the title of “3 A.M”, the vibe of this release is hazy, laid-back, and alluring, which in this case makes for a release that’s both easy to listen to and dance to.

Michelle Monique’s release “3 A.M” shows why she continues to be one of the most intriguing and exciting musical prospects in the industry right now. Whenever you’re ready for good new music to hit the dancefloor, tap in and stream Michelle Monique’s new release, “3 A.M,” available now on all majour streaming platforms.

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