Michigan Based Artist Kojau Wants To Know What You’re “Down For”

Based in Grand Rapids, Michigan, Kojau is making a name for himself through his authentic indie sound. Finally making music he’s dreamed of and with a slew of singles in his bag, Kojau has many much anticipated releases planned for the future so stay tuned!

Brand new track “Down For” (feat Lil Bird) is a indie-pop/hip-hop track laced with contemporary chill summer vibes. Kojau takes his listeners on a mellow and lighthearted journey through his music. “Down For” is a track that’s all about being easy going and going with the flow. Kojau wants you to tell him what you're “Down For”! The collaboration between Kojau and Lil Bird blends seamlessly. The expert lyricism fused with the catchy backbeat and overall vibrace make for a pop summer hit! “Down For” is a track that you’d hear a beach party, summer patio bash, or just driving down the road with the windows down. I love the confidence and finely-calibrated sound that Kojau exudes throughout his music. I highly recommend you check out this track and keep up with Kojau for his future releases, I know I am!

Listen to “Down For” here and read more below in our interview with Kojau!


Welcome to BuzzMusic Kojau! Thanks for chatting with us. Can you tell our readers more about how you got started making music?

Haha now that's a long story! To keep it short, I've always loved playing music; grew up playing guitar and piano. That made it easier when I picked up on production and I've never looked back since. I actually started out making EDM and trance, but eventually branched out into more genres like Pop and Hip Hop.

Who are you musical influences? How do they inspire you ad help craft your sound?

Some of my main influences are Mr Carmack, Kanye West and aftertheparty. Always loved the drums and melodies that Mr Carmack and Kanye West use, and I think that the drums in Down For are the most complex element, and the driving force behind the rhythm. aftertheparty got me into singing and if you listen to my first single "Reckless", you can probably hear a little bit of his influence.

Can you tell us more about the lyrics in “Down For”? What was the writing process like?

Down For started with the bell loop and the drums, and then I just kept humming "tell me what you down for", and so I wrote that down and the rest of the hook came to me fast. I quickly jumped into the booth to lay down the base idea. It was tricky writing my verse down, so that was the last part that was written because I wanted to take the verse into multiple directions and couldn't decide. So I sent the barebones idea to Lil Bird and he wrote his part pretty quickly and sent an mp3 over for feedback. (I actually wanted him to take the second verse spot, but he recorded over the first verse hahaha.)

Will there be anymore collaborations with Lil Bird? How did you two decide to make a single together?

There might be in the future, but I'm pretty sure he's busy right now, about to start doing live shows. I ran into his song "Truck Stop" on Spotify and I loved his sound. It was professional and he only had a couple thousand followers on Instagram so I figured I'd try and dm him and he replied pretty fast, so we got to talking.

What can your listeners expect from your upcoming singles?

Something different and unique, we're currently working on a couple projects that we think you'll like. Look out for the newest single in the next couple of weeks! There might be some previews on my Instagram in the next few days too!


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