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Midwave Breaks Creates A New Classic Of Rock, “In The Face Of All We Know”

From New Zealand, the duo Midwave Breaks continues building their fast lane on the alt-Rock scene with their new single “In The Face Of All We Know.”

Midwave Breaks is an alternative rock duo of two seasoned musicians. Paul Russell is a well-known drummer who made it into the New Zealand Music Hall Of Fame in 2014. Bruce Conlon is a multi-instrumentalist, singer, and winner of two International Song-Writing Awards. The duo launched in 2021 and is taking the scene by storm.

“In The Face Of All We Know” is an allegory of our responsibility to others. We have had it since we were young because we are the other to them. But lies and conflict between us make everyone’s life harder. We have been running out of time since we are alive, so why not use that time with love and consideration?

The poetic language of the lyrics leaves the message open to consideration. Yet, it is beautiful and powerful. In any case, “In The Face Of All We Know” is the meeting point of great lyrics with exceptional instrumentals. It gives the vibes of a rock classic of the last two decades from the first second after hitting the play button. It is full of euphoria and emotions.

The selection of chords and the passionate performance of “In The Face Of All We Know” create an upbeat and cinematic ambiance. It can bring memories from days long passed and make you smile. Plus, the music video enhances the experience and immerses you in the story while being amazed by the musical brilliance of Midwave Breaks.

Don’t miss the opportunity of listening to the best of alt-Rock. Press play on “In The Face Of All We Know.”

Welcome to BuzzMusic Midwave Breaks, and congrats on your latest release, “In The Face Of All We Know.” What took you to make such a poetic and inspiring song as “In The Face Of All We Know?” The song comes from our own experiences, reflecting on the way our own view of the world can change and develop as we get older. There’s so much division going on in the world right now; we wrote this song as a ‘note-to-self’, a reminder that life isn't just black and white; there’s always an ‘other side to any story, and if we can learn to better understand and respect our differences, maybe we could all get along.

What emotions would you use to describe the making process of “In The Face Of All We Know?”

The overriding emotion would be Hope. Even though the video shows some tension and conflict, it’s really about Perspective - notably, the potential to change our own perspective. We could also say Frustration was a regular emotion, as we produced the video ourselves, and it took ages to make! What did you want to transmit through the music video of “In The Face Of All We Know?” We, of course, wanted it to be visually exciting but also to make people think about the themes of the track - communication, perspective, conflict, and ultimately Hope - which can be found in acknowledging the wide range of faces that are not our own. How do you expect “In The Face Of All We Know” to influence other artists and your listeners? We want people to enjoy it! Music is beautiful in that way; it can become whatever the listener needs it to be. If it makes people want to turn it up and listen again, then we’ve made a connection. What's next for you? Currently recording new tunes. We launched in 2021, so it’s early days for us; just stoked to have our music out there and connect with an audience.


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