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Midwest Delusions Sends Listeners On A Psychedelic Voyage With His New Song “Death and Dandruff”

Midwest Delusions is the solo recording project from multi-instrumentalist Ezra T. Duran-Garcia. From Alamosa, Colorado, Ezra spent his formative years traveling between Colorado and California. Midwest Delusions blends textural elements from dream pop, neo-psychedelia, indie rock, and jazz.

The distinct sound created by Midwest Delusions enters a new dimension with the release of his latest single, “Death And Dandruff.” Set for a November 5th release date, “Death And Dandruff” is a trippy, mind-bending song that leads the audience on a journey of destructive love. As Midwest Delusions serenades his fans with his soft voice, he curates an atmosphere of despair and foretold gloom. Combatting dark thoughts and wasted opportunities, he cleverly displays his sorrows with creative songwriting and sound design.

A beautiful mesh of almost ethereal sound effects layered atop classic drums and guitar riffs, “Death And Dandruff” is a space voyage that feels very much like home. Midwest Delusions’ angelic vocals give off a euphoric sound that enrobes the listeners with aura morphing energy, and the laid-back nature of the song allows for multiple playbacks. “Death And Dandruff” will uplift you with its vibe and give you a safe place when non-stop thoughts run through your mind. This versatility makes the song a perfect playlist add-on.

Shepherd by his incredible aptness to play various instruments and uncanny writing ability, Midwest Delusions quickly solidifies himself as a force in the industry. He finds himself in a niche that caters to a devoted fan base due to its emotional and thought-inducing essence. We are excited to witness the growth of Midwest Delusions in all aspects and encourage anyone looking for an escape to give his work a listen.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Midwest Delusions. We’re so happy to have you here with us. What can you tell us about the inspiration behind your single “Death And Dandruff?”

Hey, thank you for having me, I appreciate it. With death and dandruff I was trying to capture that feeling of craving love, but being too exhausted to reach for it. Or like being buried alive and with your last breath you whisper to a love you used to have.

How much importance do you put in allowing yourself to be emotionally open in your music?

My music is very much self-exploratory, so I do find it important to be vulnerable. As someone who is naturally closed off, I use my songs as a way to spill my guts all over the place.

What type of impact does creating music have on your personal life and growth?

I don't know, but I like to do it haha. It keeps my mind busy, and as stressful as it can be, the satisfaction I get when a song comes together - there's nothing like it.

What has been the best piece of advice you’ve been given on your career path so far?

Good advice? I don't know if I've ever gotten any. I'm a bad listener though. I just try to keep moving.

What's next for you?

My album "Tentacle Grip" is out on November 19, so I'm preparing for that and also rehearsing with my live band for our return to playing shows.

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