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Miftah Bravenda’s “Fearless” Is A Multifaceted Ambient Masterpiece

There’s so much going on Miftah Bravenda’s new single “Fearless”; its complex sound profiles give this instrumental depth that is worth exploring. Miftah simultaneously delivers soft, pensive ambient notes, while at the same time the trickling of symbols is like water dripping onto a tin roof and the percussion beating along like a heart merge into one concatenation of sounds. In the background there is brass horn like instrument that is continuously building, yet even with this sense of rising- it sounds sorrowful; it’s beautiful. His music paints a scenic piece of art.

Listening to “Fearless” will have you wondering what instrument Miftah is using to create that particular sound, and that is one of Miftah’s greatest strengths: his ability to turn familiar instrumentation into something of an entirely different nature. Miftah is a musician, producer and sound engineer from Serang-Banten, Indonesia who loves creating minimalists and ambient in nature music. His music has a cinematic and unrefined quality that creates a mood and sets the tone. Lose yourself in “Fearless” today, now streaming on all music platforms.

Listen to "Fearless" here.


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