Mighty Tortuga Drops Their New EP; "Unplugged"

The band Mighty Tortuga offers a fresh rock sound intended to smooth and relax the spirit.  This is accomplished through vocals that typically come with rock music combined with the acoustic sounds of softer genres. Mighty Tortuga is based in Connecticut and hopes to bring their music to a wider audience using relatable lyrics and a unique sound. A blending of late 90s era rock music and modern musical effects gives Mighty Tortuga an appealing edge on other rock songs.

“Memory Ln.” is the first track off of Mighty Tortuga's new EP unplugged. "Memory Ln." is a song that is nostalgic of early 2000s rock, and reminiscent of bands like Simple Plan and Green Day. The song is acoustic, with beautiful guitar and piano melodies layered beneath and behind the vocals. They sing about the struggles of letting go. The band sings about memories that are painful and the people that usually accompany those memories. In the song the lyrics “Can’t tell if it’s real or memory”, the pain of losing an important person is clearly written to resonate with any listener. After a long instrumental, the vocals return softer so that the listener can hear the ethereal acoustics before the final chorus. Mighty Tortuga has shown what they can do with the release of “Memory Ln.” and their new EP "Unplugged", so make sure you give this one a listen.

Listen to Mighty Tortuga's new EP "Unplugged" here.

Hey Mighty Tortuga, and welcome to BuzzMusic! Congratulations on the release of your new EP “Unplugged”. Can you tell us what inspired the creation of "Unplugged"?

Hello! Thank you so much for having us back! The inspiration for the record was mostly to the fans a different taste of what we can do, as well as building up the hype for our new EP we are about to go in and record! We hadn't yet put out an acoustic song, so we figured why not three?

The lyrics for “Memory Ln.” were quite meaningful and emotional, what would you want your audience to take out/learn from listening to the song?

The most important thing to me is how the listener interprets the song themself. However, I would hope that the fans who feel personally connected to the song can use it as a way to cope with a bad memory and that you're not alone in trying to let it go.

You seem to have a clear idea of what you’d like your music to sound like, have you always gravitated towards rock music? How did you settle on your idea of “smooth, dream-rock”?

We have done everything completely DIY so far, which really helps us express ourselves the way we would like to. That has been pretty successful so far, but we decided to go down a different route this time. For our upcoming record, we are about to start, we are working with some high profile people with hopes of making an absolute masterpiece. As for the idea of smooth, dream-rock came from trying to explain what we sound like sonically. We aren't necessarily a "rock band," yet we are. Genres have become so confusing we decided to just pick three words that fit us best and call it our own.

Who are some artists that inspire you the most, and how do they contribute to your creative ideas?

We are influenced mostly by Turnover, The Maine, The 1975, and Taking Back Sunday. They all have created this feeling where you can always tell its that artist, and I think that is something we are trying to achieve with our music. Up next for the band, we are actually headed into the studio tomorrow (2/15) to start on our new record. We will be doing drum tracking with Jay Maas to start it off, and couldn't be more excited to take the next step forward for our band.