Mighty Tortuga is Representing the Essence of Punk Rock In a Contemporary Way!

Mighty Tortuga is a Connecticut-based band that's here to answer to all of our smooth dream-rock desires. Their sound showcases the integral 90s emo power pop, with a sense of maturity and reliability. In a scene saturated by pop-punk, they are providing a unique sound that is fresh and exciting. Mighty Tortuga released various records in 2019 that will complement their prepossessing artistry. One single that stood out the most to us was the record “Swear To God”. In “Swear To God”, they gave us a sensational composition that really took us into the ethereal rock aesthetic they pride themselves on.

The electric guitar alongside the bright vocals places you in an atmospheric rock n' roll environment, that quite frankly, you don’t want to escape from. Mighty Tortuga gives us this classic punk rock flavor that we miss in the music scene nowadays! They really take us back with elements being provided from again, that 90's era, going into the early ’00s when punk rock was taking over the game. Nevertheless, Mighty Tortuga keeps a modern-day contemporary element presented throughout the majority of their music. If “Swear To God” wasn’t enough to help you realize how this band is truly the essence of punk rock, try taking a listen to their EP “Letting Go” and we promise you’ll find yourself wrapped up in Mighty Tortuga’s trailblazing ambiance. You can surely bet yourself that Mighty Tortuga is on to do great things in this upcoming year of 2020.