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Mike Habhab Reflects On When He First Met His Wife On, "I Ain't Giving Up"

Troy, Michigan, is home to the melodic talents of Mike Habhab. Back with yet another thoughtful tune for his audience, "When I First Met You" is the follow-up to the singer-songwriter's very well-received record, "I Ain't Giving Up."

Written by Mike Habhab, performed by Zach Radcliff, and produced by Super Producer/ Engineer Chuck Alkazian at Pearl Sound Studios, "When I First Met You" will tug on your heartstrings as you embrace the warm emotions that flow your way.

As the opulent essence of warm guitar riffs and passionate keys are performed, this striking rendition takes us to the brilliant timbres singing sounds of sweet love. You hear the emotion packed into the lyrical motifs and then professed by the velvety croons.

When writing this piece, Mike Habhab spoke purely from the heart, as the song's concept is based on his take on love with his wife 15 years ago. Taking the dreamy melodies and allowing others to relate to his moment of love at first sight, those who worked on the record are eager to see people sharing their feelings and experience as they apply them to their thoughts and sentiments.

So it's only natural for this song to feel personal and relatable to our lives as it sends us into the depths of our loving capacities. What we take away from it is a feeling more significant than another great track, but we feel our hearts open up that much more and bask in what nostalgia does to the soul.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Mike Habhab. The entirety of "When I First Met You" has us absorbing emotions in such a pure way. What does it feel like to you to have your love story affecting the hearts of listeners out there?

Thank you. I was hoping for that kind of reaction when people listened to this song. It feels great to share my story of how I unexpectedly had the good fortune to meet my wife Dana 15 years ago. I am confident that others had a similar experience with their loved ones as well.

Was there a particular moment or story that inspired you to revisit your and your wife's first date? Does the music you write tend to come from a personal place?

The particular moment was when I first saw her and thought that I had to have her. We were on a double-blind date with her friend and my best friend. Throughout the evening, we kept giving each other googly eyes, laughing, talking, and just enjoying each other's company. At the end of the evening, I just knew she was the one. I would definitely say that all my songs come from a personal space and the experiences that I have encountered or felt throughout my life. Meeting my wife is one of those experiences.

Could you please share a glimpse into what it was like in the studio when bringing this song to life? How did everyone help contribute to your vision?

I knew that going into the studio that day and recording was going to be overwhelming for me; it was about my wife and the love I have for her. During the recording process, I kept getting choked up and emotional, I was thinking of the memories and of her face, and it hit me hard. When I went to the studio, Chuck and Zach talked about how they wanted it done and the instruments we would use. Zach already knew the direction of how I wanted it recorded. The end result was beautiful.

We have to know; how does your wife feel about this song? Was she surprised when first hearing it?

Hi BuzzMusic, wife here. I thought it best that I answer this one on behalf of Mike. Essentially it boils down to love. I love this song because I felt his emotions on another level. For me, it was like going down memory lane and revisiting that night; it was sweet. Was I surprised when I heard it? Yes and no. Yes, I was surprised how it turned out, and no, because I was there when he was writing it. However, the end result turned out beautiful. He would come to my work during our lunch break, and we would listen to it together during its rough stages before completion.

What's next for you?

What is next for me is to keep writing and expressing to the world how I feel and hope to inspire others in their journey to find true companionship.

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