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Mila Nabours Isn’t Sweating the Small Stuff on “Emotions”

Mila Nabours is an up-and-coming pop artist who is set to release her latest single, “Emotions,” on April 7th, 2023. Undoubtedly inspired by the bright lights and glamour of the big apple, “Emotions” was initially designed to be played at the New York Fashion Week. The track is a fun and light-hearted tune with a New York vibe inspired by the city's party atmosphere and dazzling lights. For those unfamiliar with Nabours’s music, “Emotions” will be the perfect introduction!

Mila Nabours is known for drawing inspiration from real-life events and emotions, using her experiences to catalyze her lyrics. She is sometimes purposefully vague, expertly converting life experiences into open lyrics that leave room for interpretation. Set to perform at the Fashion Life Tour in the Cayman Islands at the end of March, Nabours is quickly establishing herself as a force in her own right and is one to keep your eye on in the future.

The follow-up to her hit single “Memory,” “Emotions,” is an upbeat tune that brings good vibes and the irresistible urge to dance. Co-written by Nabours, Anica Rose, Tyler Conti and Andrew Lane, “Emotions” reflects Nabour’s ability to channel her passion and artistic ability into something special. Over instrumentals that expertly walk the line between pop and a little bit of electronic, Nabours’ gorgeous vocals drop lines like “I’m feeling my heart beating, I’m not holding back / Not leaving till I shut it down” that make you want to move!

Mila Nabours is sure to captivate listeners, both now and in the future. Whenever you need a new tune to help you let loose and dance, tap in and stream “Emotions,” available on April 7th, 2023, on all major streaming platforms.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Mila Nabours! We loved 
"Emotions." It was so easy to get into, and it's so catchy! We have to ask, can you take us through the creative process behind creating "Emotions?
" You mentioned you co-wrote it with a couple of peers?

Thank you so much !! This is one of my favourite songs I’ve recorded :) For this song, after I got the track from my producer Andrew Lane, Anica Rose and I went into the studio with my vocal coach Tyler Conti, and we started laying out ideas !! We wanted this song to be fun and light, and knowing we would debut it at New York Fashion Week, we incorporated lyrics involving big city themes. After brainstorming and getting into the groove of things, we finalized our melodies and lyrics!

What has been your favourite part about making music so far?

My favourite part of making music is the way I feel when I get behind the mic and pour my heart out. Knowing I’m singing something original and bringing my creation to life is fulfilling.

How would you describe your music to new listeners?

I would describe my music as authentic and storytelling. I like to turn my real ideas and thoughts into artistic creations. I hope to connect with my audience so that they can relate to my music on a personal level.

For anyone aspiring to follow in your footsteps, what qualities do you think to make a good musician?

I think a good musician can take a feeling or emotion and artistically transform it into a great piece of art. Having a combination of in-tune hearing, unique and authentic tone, as well as feel-good musical sense, technically and expressively, makes for a great artist and musician.

What's next for Mila Nabours? You mentioned you're releasing new music soon, right?

As we speak, I’m currently on a flight to the Cayman Islands to perform in a live show! I’m super excited and beyond grateful to have the opportunity to perform internationally. Moving forward, I’m writing and recording more original music and music for TV and Film soundtracks.

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