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Miles Jayne Releases His Highly-Anticipated Debut EP, 'Sierra Bonita'

From Los Angeles, California, singer-songwriter, and recording artist Miles Jayne releases his lush and dynamic 8-track debut EP entitled 'Sierra Bonita.'

For Miles Jayne, music is more than self-expression but a universal language of creativity, hope, and the overall sensation of feeling a part of something greater. The Laurel Canyon-born artist recently teamed up with close friend Ian Guerra to create his 8-track debut EP, 'Sierra Bonita.'

Diving into the EP by way of the introductory track, "Something's wrong," the song opens with a serene electric guitar melody that gives the song this introspective and heartfelt edge right off the bat. As Miles Jayne's lush and breathy vocals begin to sweep us off our feet, a plucky bassline appears alongside tight mid-tempo drum breaks that lead us to the hook. We adore the dynamic range of this track, as Miles Jayne jumps into the hook while belting his vocals and explaining how he wishes to rekindle a once-lit flame.

Moving forward with the next track, "FIVE," this song opens on a more eerie and haunting note with an array of ghost vocals that set the song's reflective and introspective tone. As the mid-tempo drums lead the song's heavy foundation, a sweet keyboard melody, and a bright electric guitar take the high end and lead us to the savory hook. Listening to Miles Jayne's lyricism, he soothingly opens his heart and takes us to the peaceful outro while singing of being five shots down and watching his ego and past lover fade away like the sun in the evening sky.

Landing on the EP's lead single, "Dream Killer," this track opens with a plucky and pulsating acoustic guitar and Miles Jayne's filtered vocals. Now is a better time than ever to mention how Miles Jayne's lush, airy, and melodic vocals remind us of acts like Dallas Green, Chet Faker, and Mark Derek Foster through his charismatic delivery, overall tonality, and vocal passion. We adore the brightness of this single, as it leaves us feeling as lifted as ever with Miles Jayne's sooting vocal portrayal and his stimulating instrumental atmosphere. As Miles Jayne moves towards the outro, his fluid background vocals perfectly close the song on this note of contentment and peace.

Reaching the project's halfway point with "o m w (feat. Dento)," this song opens with a heavy psychedelic synth arrangement that drops into a sole and plucky bassline. As the entire instrumental begins to pierce through our speakers with this sensual and sultry tone, Miles Jayne makes his powerful vocal appearance while asking someone why they've been so distant lately. As he takes us to the hook, Miles Jayne belts his passionate lyricism while letting us into the love and devotion he holds for someone special and encourages us not to waste time beating around the bush.

Sweetening our speakers with the next track, "48," Miles Jayne opens the song with a saddened electric guitar melody and his warm vocal harmonies that sing of being in the palm of someone's hand and losing his energy in the process of loving them. As Miles Jayne takes us through the lush and dreamy hook, his sweet vocals are enough to send us into a daydream, but his surrounding hazy and intricate instrumentals perfectly back him up while leaving us feeling as refreshed as ever. We feel that anyone who's experienced heartbreak and unhealthy relationships will deeply cherish this track, as its instrumentation and Jayne's relatable lyrics are enough to transcend the soul.

Onto a more relaxed and organic piece with "Z's song," Miles Jayne opens the song with a soothing acoustic guitar performance that later expands with incredible layering to make for this harmonic and soulful listening experience. Although this song is instrumental, it offers enough emotion and heart to bring listeners into a deeper and more thoughtful state of mind. It's also a rather dynamic instrumental; even though it consists of the same acoustic guitar, the song's overall layering and sonic blend make for a chilling and stunning listening experience.

Sonically serenading us once again with the next piece, "Dulce<3," this song opens with a bright and beaming acoustic guitar and Jayne's smooth and delicate vocal stylings that sing wildly passionate lyrics. We adore the softness of this modern-day ballad, as it leaves us with a warm feeling inside with help from Jayne's soothing performance and his accompanying acoustic guitar that picks away at our hearts. We love how quickly Jayne can up the song's intensity merely through his vocal harmonies, as he powerfully reminds someone how long he's waited to be by their side.

Reaching the song's outro track with "A talk with Dento," this song is more of an outro interlude, as it opens with a conversation between Jayne and artist Dento, who speak of a special 'feeling' that music gives them while hoping to provide that same sensation to new listeners. While soothing and gentle instrumentation seeps through our speakers from the background, Miles Jayne and Dento continue their heartfelt conversation surrounding their endless love for music and creating songs that strike an emotional and relatable chord in any listener. The track closes with Dento encouraging Jayne to release the EP, as it's a chapter of his life and artistry that must be shared with the world.

We were honestly taken aback after experiencing the entire 'Sierra Bonita' EP, as Miles Jayne and co-creator Dento left us with a bounty of emotion and introspection that marks a new chapter in not only Jayne's life but our own lives as well. Find the 'Sierra Bonita' EP on all digital streaming platforms.

Welcome to BuzzMusic Miles. What a beautiful and dynamic listening experience you've provided with your debut 8-track EP, 'Sierra Bonita.' What inspired the creation of this project? What moment or experience led you to create this EP?

Thank you! As with most of us, COVID was a really challenging time and for me personally, I ended a long-term relationship with someone I deeply cared for and was left with a giant hole in my heart. There were so many things unsaid, so many memories dissolved and that’s where making music comes in for me; being able to communicate an unspoken truth. This EP is laced with tears of joy, sadness, and every emotion in between.

How long was 'Sierra Bonita' in the making? How long did it take for you to create, tweak, and finalize the EP?

It started with writing and recording my single Dream Killer in September of 2020 and then suddenly all of these songs just started pouring out of me and before I knew it I had enough material for an EP. How long did it take? HA! I swear I was planning on releasing it in December 2020 but because of my neuroses, I kept tweaking the mixes and arrangement and finally finished the EP in March of 2021 and released it on June 30th, 2021.

What was it like working with Danto on a few songs within 'Sierra Bonita?’ How did he keep you motivated and inspired throughout your collaboration?

Ian aka “Danto” is my soul brother, I’ve been blessed to know him for over 14 years and this EP would not be what it is without his unwavering support and collaboration. Throughout the making of Sierra Bonita, he’d show up to my studio and just hang out in my room, smoking his vape, drink in hand, and throwing out these genius lyrical, melodic, and arrangement ideas. I’d sit there for hours writing guitar and bass lines, exploring different arrangements and whenever I’d hear him start vocalizing and dancing with his arms flailing in the air I knew I was on the right track with a song. After listening to the same vocal melody for 7 hours tweaking every aspect, I was ready to smash my computer and jump out of my window but it was Ian’s constant reassurance to keep going and that we were making something special that kept me on the path to completion.

Do you have a favorite song off the 'Sierra Bonita' EP? Could you elaborate on why this particular song is your favorite?

Honestly, my favorite song changes constantly depending on my mood. I love the production of Dream Killer and FIVE and the deep heartache contained in Something’s wrong. The outro of 48 I think is some of my best work yet and Dulce is exactly as the title states just sweet and innocent and provides a cool contrast on the EP. o m w just hits hard in my opinion and I’m super proud of the verses and bass lines throughout. But to answer your question… No, I don’t have a favorite song.

How does 'Sierra Bonita' make a new chapter in your life? What themes or ideas in this project represent your newfound path and route?

Sierra Bonita was a pure expression of my transition from lost, frustrated, and alone to empowered, content, and feeling more connected to myself than ever before. When I started making this EP I was so scared to be with myself due to fear of what I might find and I had avoided that feeling of loneliness my entire life. What I later discovered was that the feeling I was avoiding for so long was actually my greatest gift. This is just the beginning!!! I’ve got SO much more music and gifts to share with the world! I LOVE MY LIFE!


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