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“Million Voices” By Brett Miller Is An Upbeat Heart Warming Track That You Need On Your Playlist

Brett Miller is a progressive-pop singer-songwriter who blends different genres into an evolving sound and puts his versatile vocal talent and song craft at centre stage. With the ability to shape his sound, Brett released his debut EP “Something Beautiful” in 2017 showcasing his music and personality as well as diving into Brett’s passion for music through the delivery of powerful vocals and timeless stories. Introducing new colours in 2018, Brett refined his voice and musical stylings for his new single “Red Water” featuring SAZE, a Hip-hop artist from Brooklyn.

Currently, Brett is planning to release a numerous amount of songs throughout 2019 kicking off with “Fire Escape” in January and more recently in May “Million Voices”.

“Million Voices” has a beautiful blend of instruments and sounds that touch on the edge of hip-hop, pop and electric stylings which accompany a refined tone of voice. Brett’s voice has an impressive range as he is able to showcase his ability to hit the higher notes just as powerfully as his strong lower notes. I love the funky electric sounds and tones that can be found tastefully scattered throughout “Million Voices” and that blend so wonderfully into this vivacious track. The lyrics feel like they have been carefully compiled together to deliver a unique story that follows what I have interpreted as a love for a woman. The music video for “Million Voices” follows a woman walking through what looks like New York City and could possibly be trying to portray a story of a moment in a women’s life. I personally love that this song is so filled with passion, and I feel that it is possibly open for interpretation from the audience’s point of view. Overall “Million Voices” is a vibrant track that delivers a beautiful story combined with extremely talented vocals and a gorgeous blend of melodies.

Listen to “Million Voices” here and get to know more about Brett Miller in our interview below!

Hey Brett! We love your sound! Tell us a bit more about yourself

For sure, and thank you. This is Brett Miller. I'm a singer/songwriter & full-time musician living just outside NYC. I initially moved up to this NYC area back in 2014, from my hometown of Orlando, FL, to pursue a Masters degree at NYU's Steinhardt for Songwriting. Before graduating in 2016, I had started working on my debut 5-song EP, Something Beautiful, featuring 2 well-known singles, "Eye to Eye" & "Something Beautiful"I recorded the collection with fellow singer/songwriter and record producer, Austin Zudeck, also hailing from NYU, and his partner and main engineer, Justin Thunstrom, collectively known as PARKWILD (Disney Music Pub). Something Beautiful EP introduced me to over 65+ countries and led me to working with several producers and songwriters from all around the world. Since 2017, I have worked on releases in over 15 countries including Germany, France, Israel, Norway, the Netherlands, India, and Australia. It's been a magical ride these last 2 years. All I ever wanted was for my music and talent to take me around the world.

And now it's June 2019, and I'm amped-up to release my sophomore EP, Think Big. My first single from the EP, "Fire Escape", dropped in late January, and on May 17th, I followed it up with 2nd single, "Million Voices". I'm so excited to have finally released MV. It's a message and composition I'm so proud to share and now have available for anyone to bring into their lives. All is set for the 5-song, Think Big. EP to release on June 28th, featuring 3 new tracks. Overall, I'm just a man on a mission: to be a better musician, entrepreneur, and human being everyday. It has all taken a lot of focus and dedication, but I've been grateful for the chance, and humbled by how much I have left to go. You can expect a lot more from me hereon.

Are there any artist that inspire your unique blend of sounds?

Countless. The world of music is dense, but there's something for everyone. As an avid music listener who also makes music, I believe this process happens more on a sub-conscious level. Without even thinking about it, my creativity seems to bounce off all the styles and melodies I've experienced in since uncovering music, conjuring up a hybrid of music that I can actually call my own. Like I said, there's something for everyone. Lately, I've been relating to several current artists who have similar stories, messages, and experiences to my life like Zayn, Dua Lipa, Kevin Garrett, and Logic. I've been wowed by productions styles from Kanye West, Brenden Urie of Panic!, Bazzi, and the late, great Mac Miller. I've been playing piano since I was 11, and that was inspired by my first musical memories of Billy Joel; my first example of a fully-fledged singer/songwriter & piano extraordinaire. And from there, I can go on. There's so much talent out there, and with each new artist that arises comes that person's unique perspective on life. I'm happy to be able to share mine. 

Can you give us a glimpse into your creative process for “Million Voices”?

Sure. I wrote this song with songwriters/producers, Ryder Stuart and Jackson Hoffman here in NY. MV had a very organic inception. We started from scratch, working with just the opening synth lead, and began building up the production and lyric simultaneously. While Jackson stayed diligent on engineering the track, I focused primarily on the message and lyric of the track. Ryder bounced between us both. It took us just 3 hours to develop the first full draft, which only needed a bridge edit to be what you hear today. It was a great day. The song's message was inspired by my experience witnessing someone I care deeply for struggle with moving forward on the things she most wanted in life. Sometimes it can be hard to help our loved ones if they don't want to be helped, but thankfully, that's where music can take over. It truly allows for a deeper level of communication from one human to another. Million Voices is a perfect example of a song with a rooted message for anyone to gain perspective from, and I'm proud to be sharing in its success with my co-writers.

From an artist’s perspective, what makes “Million Voices” stand out from your recent single and any other upcoming singles?

I guess I sort of talked on this in the previous question, but honestly, I believe MV to be my latest sign of maturation. I've learned a great deal from my experiences thus far, and the idea of MV has been one of several concepts on the top of my mind as I progress. Sound-wise, I believe this to be my highest quality yet. I'm learning more of what I want and what sets me apart in my music and am working with the right people to make it happen. All of this will continue to build in coming years, but for now I'm riding high on Million Voices.

Tell us when we can expect more of your tracks and are there any upcoming performances in 2019?

Well, the Think Big. EP is definitely my biggest news, landing on June 28th, 2 days before my birthday. Expect to hear, see, and experience the songs off this collection over the summer and beyond. I am in the midst of plotting out a show (or two) for the EP release. One booked show: my band and I are opening up for Brit-rocker, Tatiana DeMaria, at the the Bowery Electric in NYC on June 14th. This pairing seems insane, and I know this show is gonna be lit! Come out if you're around, you will not be disappointed. Oh yah, and low key, after summer, I'll be shifting my focus onto my 2nd EP release of 2019; a collaboration with Brooklyn-based hip-hop artist, SAZE. The rapper featured on my 2018 single, "Red Water", and we've since been plotting an EP together, so look out for signs of that after summer. Thanks for the opportunity to share my stories, Buzz Music, and thanks to all those who've read them. I hope as I continue to share and create, I can positively impact your life and remain with you for the long haul.


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