Milrose Lets His Listener Get Lost In “Paradise”

Milrose is an artist based out of Atlanta Georgia. He received his first guitar and began playing music and singing around the age of 12 years old. Since then, he learned to play multiple instruments and has a background in multiple genres of music. At his current age of 24, he’s been recording and releasing his music for less than a year. Milrose is pushing to create something that fans can relate to and vibe with in any situation and setting.

Milrose released his single titled “Paradise” and this single would appeal immensely to the youth. This comforting song hints the theme of keeping your head high and striving forward. Unfortunately, depression is a high rate among the youth in this country. Many people turn to outlets to escape their feelings and thoughts. Some of these outlets include artistic pictures, hobbies, music, and many more. So for Milrose to offer us “Paradise” as this enigmatically driven escape song for people to get lost in was brilliant. Not only was it brilliant, but it was also authentic. The lyricism, delivery, and even the visual gave us hope that artists are still channeling in real feelings into their music. Becoming vulnerable with his craft, Milrose basically allows his pain to sing for him. But his vocal quality is amazing and the texture of his voice is soft, adding comfort to the listener. The lyrics basically motivates you to keep pushing forward and reassures that there are indeed better days ahead. I really enjoyed the aesthetic of the video. He played with our senses due to how the imagery created an atmosphere for the listener. The sun falling and night rising helped with the dwell some vibe of the record. I was also focused on how Milrose was so natural with the camera. It’s like he knew how to deliver his vocals to enhance the experience for the listener. “Paradise” is a great song for people to become lost and found within, recouping your emotions, and gathering your happiness back intact.

Listen to "Paradise" here.


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