Mind Ripple is on Their Way to International Success!

Mind Ripple isn’t only rippling minds, they’re blowing people away with their record-breaking hits! In early 2019, Mind Ripple released "Mirror Stage", and one track we must highlight is their first one from the album, "Nothing New Under The Sun". Soon after, the band chose to present it live for the first time at Ilion Plus in Athens. This isn’t the only time Mind Ripple has performed at the temple! During the last 6 months, Mind Ripple has performed twice in Temple, Athens and in a showcase event in Athens Music Week 2019. The band collectively has more gigs coming up in the near future, predominantly in their hometown Athens. An exciting feature to Mind Ripple is their plan to go on their first tour around Greece--a performance we're dying to get in on!

Mind Ripple’s album has been available both digitally and physically. With a pleasantly well-orchestrated project that will undoubtedly skyrocket them into great heights of success, Mind Ripple is curating music to appease to the elements! Each song from their album has warranted its place by presenting well-conducted arrangements, melodies, and strong lyricism. There’s no doubt in our mind that Mind Ripple has everything it takes to create a long-lasting legacy and impressionable loyal fan-base that will live through their music. If you weren’t a fan of Mind Ripple before? We promise you will become a fan of them now... Or later!

Check out the soundings of Mind Ripple here.


Welcome to BuzzMusic Mind Ripple! What’s the story behind the formation of your band? How did Mind Ripple come about!? In 2010 Stefanos Katis and Haris Katis formed an alternative rock band called ‘Disconnected’ along with two more musicians. For six years the band played extensively in bars and clubs in Athens. After playing as a cover band for several years (and driven by the need for creating original material) they started composing their first songs. Over the years, we had some changes in the band’s formation. In 2012 Makis Kolaitis, the current drummer, and George Gazis, the current bass player, joined the band. In 2016 we self-released their first EP ‘Disconnected’ and a few months later George Lambadis, the current guitar player, joined the band. As we dove into the creative process in order to discover our sound, we felt that this was the emersion of a new band so before the release of our debut album ‘Mirror Stage’ we decided to change our name and start the era of ‘Mind Ripple’.

Talk to us about the album that’s creating great traction for you! which song from this project was your personal favorite and why? The album is an ode to the self-defining milestones in one’s existence. It’s an attempt to look at these experiences from a distance and understand how they shape you as a person. As all the songs derive from personal experiences and concerns, it doesn’t seem fair to pick a favorite so we choose not to.

What inspired the album’s name, “Mirror Stage”?

Τhe title of the album is inspired by the theory of Jacques Lacan, concerning the stage where an infant begins recognizing itself in the mirror. As the songs are based on the internal quests and truth-seeking endeavors of the band members we believe it is an appropriate title.

Which song from “Mirror Stage” do you feel best represents the album’s theme and why? The song that we believe communicates best the atmosphere and the theme of the album is “Pray for an exit”. It is the song with the most intense and diverse emotions. Both the orchestration and the lyrics tell the story of a person who feels passive and overwhelmed but finds strength and acceptance within this state of inertia.

Are the songs arranged in chronological order on “Mirror Stage”?

Mirror stage revolves around certain themes and concepts but the songs are not arranged in any particular order, maybe with the exception of pray for an exit. Listening to part 2 after part1 makes more sense since part 2 is an extensive narration on the “second act” of part 1.

What are you looking forward to in 2020, Mind Ripple?

We have already booked two shows for the first months of 2020. Meanwhile, we are excited to be planning our first tour around Greece. We are always chasing the thrill of a live set so we try to perform live as often as possible.