Mindwipes Fuzz Rock Record

Mindwipes has hit the scene and it looks like they are going to leave a mark. Bred in their hometown of Phoenix Arizona, Mindwipes just pumped out an enticing 8 track rock record dubbed "Out Of The Ordinary". The LP is a show of rock grooves and catchy hooks through and through. All done with something of an old western vibe to it. Each song comes through as its own entity while together, all the tracks tie into each other and you end up with a great album. Out of so many well-played tracks, one that sticks with you is "Vanilla". As soon as the riff and rhythm kick-off you're invested. Drums that trash and bang, guitars that slam hard and vocals that have a soul in a way reminiscent of Jim Morrison. Bouncing back and forth between bopping and rocking, this one has a terrific quality to it. The rest of the album has plenty of amazing contenders as the full release is big and tasteful. Enjoy this one!