MiRage Is Having A “Celebration” Of The Good Times

MiRage is a 25 year old artist of Mexican and Salvadoran descent. Residing in East Los Angeles, MiRage creates lyrics and songs that capture the essence of his hometown to transcend the culture to the mainstream. He believes his art is a spiritual process and attempts to captivate his listeners through his new wave sound. 

“Celebration” is MiRage’s latest release and we can’t get enough. The old school sounds fuses perfectly with MiRage’s contemporary and rhythmic flow. The song is all about celebrating our good times, our families and our ancestors who are no longer with us. MiRages aims to create the vibrance and reminiscent feeling of a backyard party through his flowing textures and catchy hooks. “Celebration” is the perfect song to play at any occasion. It’s a track that anyone can relate and vibe to while thinking about the good times, and making more good times. I’ll be adding it to my personal summer playlist and I recommend you do the same. Stay on the lookout for what MiRage delivers next!

Check out “Celebration” here and read more with MiRage in our interview below. 

Hey MiRage! Welcome to BuzzMusic! Can you start by introducing yourself and telling us how you got started making music?

My name is MiRage which is a play on letters from my birth name. I'm from East LA. I started off doing spoken word and poetry, but have been doing music a little under a year. Me and my homie BrownSugaBeats were only supposed to record one song, which is now turning into an entire project and from there on I've been working on music non-stop.

Can you dive into more details of the lyricism in “Celebration"?

Celebration is an ode to Fridays, which to the everyday working class person is a time to celebrate. There's a reference to Fridays in the beginning of the first to verses It's Friday after work and you got nothing to do and Remember Friday nights as a kid watching Smackdown. The lyrics represent celebration and that is followed by the hook it's a celebration no one dying tonight/ tonight the stars in the hood are shinning real bright.

Who are your musical influences? How do you draw inspiration from them?

I have so many musical influences, but to name a few I would say Snoop Dogg, Kendrick Lamar, Malo, and Los Golden Boys. East LA also has an Oldies culture so that's also a huge inspiration. These artists write stories in there songs so my inspiration to captivate a certain vibe or feel definitely comes from there.

How do you feed your passion for music everyday?

I work a a 9-5 and as soon as I get home I work on music or anything music related. The limited time I have to create and make something worth listening to is what feeds my passion. I study videos, lyrics, performances everywhere I go so I never stop learning. All those things plus my determination to get better everyday fuels my direction in music.

How does your culture help to establish who you are as an artist?

My culture helps me ground my values and allows me to respect certain aspects in life. Latin culture is known for being expressive and vibrant whether its having a good time or honoring the dead. As an artist I throw in verses or word that identify with my culture; I'm just sharing it in a different art form.


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