MiRage Recites Poetry All About His “Lady”

MiRage is a 25 year old artist of Mexican and Salvadoran descent, who resides in East Los Angeles. He creates lyrics and songs that capture the essence of his hometown to transcend the culture to the mainstream. MiRage believes his art is a spiritual process and strives to captivate his listeners. Gathering and building upon your skills as a musician or producer is one thing, finding a reason to push hard and get what you’ve created out into the world is something else entirely – and having the self-belief and dedication to follow through is something MiRage has! 

“Lady” is a beautiful song, a seductively organic R&B backbeat accompanies a heartfelt outpouring of personal vulnerability. The track builds up well, highlighting two contrasting vocal styles that help maintain a sense of dynamics, a hypnotic back and forth that’s superbly well presented and holds tight to your interest right the way through. A decidedly creative and refreshing soundscape is met by performances that hit hard, all of which helps offer something particularly addictive, and absolutely worthy of a broader audience’s attention. “Lady” truly showcases MiRage’s skill as a heartfelt and soulful artist and we can’t wait to hear more! 

Listen to “Lady” here


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