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Miss Kaniyah Is Serving With “I Look Good”

The Washington D.C born artist, Miss Kaniyah, is a shining beacon of self-assuredness in the music industry. Juggling multiple roles as a rapper, singer, songwriter, and producer, she encapsulates a fiery charisma that is as commanding as it is enchanting. Her latest single, "I Look Good," is less of a song and more of a statement, a fierce anthem inspiring listeners to embrace their spice and self-worth, reflecting her audacious persona.

Miss Kaniyah is a musical tour de force, as clear in her vocal delivery and lyrical prowess. Her rap is precisely articulated, each syllable delivered with a punch that can't help but command attention. Her music, characterized by its assertive tonality, is an exhilarating mix of compelling beats and candy-coated synthesizers that hit hard and fast, leaving listeners craving more.

"I Look Good" embodies Miss Kaniyah's unique brand of energy. With a hybrid beat that blends house music with a vibrant pop/rap tempo, it offers a snappy and dance rhythm. The chorus, with its repetitive proclamation of "I look good bitch," stands as a powerful self-affirmation, further amplified by the deep bass and fresh-cutting drumline. The beat, while not aggressively upfront, subtly bolsters the message of the song, displaying a confidence that is as effortless as it is striking.

The song's approachable energy is another of its many strengths inviting everyone to its infectious beat and deadass lyrics, making it a fitting vibe for the pre-before-the-girls night turn-up or a vogue party. "I Look Good" is a demand for self-confidence, an anthem that calls to everyone who believes in the transformative power of the sauce and self-worth.

In "I Look Good," Miss Kaniyah does not just demand your attention…she commands it. She invites her listeners to join her in her celebration of self-confidence, daring them to step up and embrace their own worth. This song shows her unwavering self-assuredness and an open invitation for everyone to tap into their own power. Can you resist the call? Well, with a talent as formidable and a confidence as infectious as Miss Kaniyah's, it's a challenge that's hard to ignore.

Vogue to this one today is available on all platforms.

Welcome to BuzzMusic Miss Kaniyah! Big up on your latest drop with "I Look Good," a strong vibe that champions being unapologetically you. Can you share a specific instance from your life that inspired the creation of this song and the message it conveys?

The levels that I want to reach because of my music are so astronomical that I believe that most days, I have to show up with this confidence, with this optimistic aura that this song conveys, to obtain it.

The "I Look Good" video is visually striking, with stunning outfits, vibrant colours, and engaging scene cuts. How integral was your involvement in the concept development and execution of these impressive visuals?

I directed and created the “I LOOK GOOD” visual. I was very hands-on the entire time.

In "I Look Good," you successfully blend house music, pop/rap tempo, and voguing elements. What inspired you to bring these distinct elements together, and how did you find the balance between them?

“I LOOK GOOD” has a few messages, but my favourite one is that it doesn’t matter where you come from, your sexual preference, size, height, or ethnic background- we all look good from the inside out, and together we are better. This is what inspired this song!

The repetitive proclamation "I look good bitch" in the song's chorus is an audacious self-affirmation. Can you discuss how this mantra has influenced your own perspective on self-worth and how you hope it will influence your listeners?

Confidence is imperative! Confidence is a need and not a want. Confidence looks different for everyone, but I want my listeners to find that place and use that to conquer their life.

As we take in the empowering message and stunning visuals of "I Look Good," we're eager to see what's on the horizon for you. Could you give us a glimpse into your future plans - are there specific themes or concepts you're excited to explore in your upcoming work?



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