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Miss Trezz Hits Us With a Thrilling Dark-Pop Release, "Psycho"

The Los Angeles-based singer-songwriter and eclectic artist Miss Trezz release her infectious and haunting dark-pop release entitled "Psycho."

With creative roots in Chicago and Philadelphia, Miss Trezz formed her sound to be highly expansive and eclectic from being the former vocalist of the nu-metal band Sirens in Vein while also working with producer Oscar Del Amor. Now releasing an exhilarating and relatable love song, Miss Trezz puts her own dark and unique twist with help from Del Amor.

Written about falling in love with someone who doesn't have the same capacity to feel love, Miss Trezz genuinely keeps us hooked onto each relatable and gut-wrenching lyric she powerfully portrays within "Psycho." While the production slithers with infatuation and rich electronic elements, Miss Trezz offers a gripping performance through her raw and biting emotion.

Listening to "Psycho," Miss Trezz wastes no time and opens the song with a strong pulsating bass-like synth that moans and groans with power. Once Miss Trezz begins pouring her sultry and frustrated lyricism over the track, she locks us into the heavy words she hauntingly sings. While describing a lover who can't seem to express or find emotions, Miss Trezz jumps into the hook and gets us up and moving.

This mid-tempo electro-pop tune truly offers us thrills abound, especially around the hook as the savory beat drops and floods our speakers with a hefty low-end and Miss Trezz's soaring vocal stylings. Making her way to the outro, we honestly can't get enough of the mysterious tones and thought-provoking lyricism we experienced throughout this piece.

Dive into Miss Trezz's chilling electro-pop single, "Psycho," now available to get down with on all digital streaming platforms.

We're genuinely head over heels for your gripping single "Psycho". What inspired the song's powerful and emotional concept?

I wanted to explore the experience of falling in love with someone who keeps their walls up and refuses to give--or receive--love. In a way, that rejection of love makes you closer to a cyborg than a human. I've also been into the analogy of love with technology: viruses, programs, connectivity. It all fits, so the correlation worked well with "Psycho." 

Do you usually create such ample and heavy electronic sonics, similar to the sounds of "Psycho"? What inspired this song's groaning and exhilarating sonic atmosphere?

The music I make always has a strong emphasis on deep, electronic beats with

undulating synths and haunting vocal melodies. I wanted "Psycho" to make

people want to dance and shake their asses. Since we are still in the midst of a

global pandemic, this song will work well to get you moving in your living room

during a Twitch stream or listening on headphones to catch all of the lyrics and sit

with the song's deep groove. 

Now that you've worked with producer Oscar Del Amor on several occasions, what was it like working together on "Psycho"? How did he help execute your lyrical and sonic visions?

It's always an easy flow working with such a talent as Oscar. Usually, I come in with lyrics and a melody. We discuss the tempo, concept, and vibe out on dark rhythms till something clicks. Del Amor connects the music to my emotions and the lyrical content that I am expressing, creating a symphonic mood to immerse our listeners in.

We've heard that you plan to experiment with other genres and sounds. Are there any projects you'd like our readers to know about that feature these experimentations?

My sound is eclectic and changes when I collaborate with different producers, ranging from dark pop to synth-heavy dance music. Experimenting with different genres and sounds allows me to showcase my vocal range and challenge myself to continually stay curious about songwriting. A goal of mine is to get my music licensed by television and film productions while other songs are intended for a club setting where it can be played LOUD. My experimental projects can be found on my SoundCloud

What can we expect to see next from you?

For my next release, I’m putting together an EP with the multi-skilled musician/ producer SVRT of the band Contracult and our sound is more industrial pop. I'm pretty stoked as we are still fine-tuning our sound and who knows we might do some witch house! I believe it’s super important to keep exploring your abilities and evolving as an artist.


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