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Missouri Based Canvas Blck Releases Gripping New Single, "Drug"

Canvas Blck is an artist based out of Kansas City, Missouri. He has worked with the creative team behind Tech N9ne’s label for the visuals behind his latest music video. 2019 promises to be a big year for him as he plans several more releases.

“Drug” is the latest single that Canvas Blck has to offer. The beginning of this song is eerie, with muffled sounds that are voices giving the song a slightly creepy yet highly intriguing vibe. The vocals enter soon thereafter with a beat, and while they are quite clear in comparison, they add very much to the dark vibes introduced from the beginning. The pacing of the arrangement is steady and never rushed, and the production quality is high. The vocals themselves are confident, precise and expressive. This single has a decent amount of variety in style, with the melodic vocals being divided in the middle by a rap verse featuring collaborator Melo Miles. There is also an accompanying music video to this single directed by Cole Davis which we highly encourage you to check out!

Listen to "Drug". Catch up with Canvas Blck in our exclusive interview below!

Hey, thanks for chatting with us! To begin, would you mind describing your background and how it is that you got into music?

My pleasure thanks for having me. I’ve been writing songs since I was in middle school. As a teenager I was mostly making straight up rap records. It wasn’t until recently that I started singing and using more melodies in my music. My dad always had blues music playing at home, you can definitely hear that influence in my music.

How does your creative process go? How does your music all end up coming together?

I always find the production first, then I usually write the hook, and then I might sit on it for a few days and go back and finish the verses. I become bored quickly and have my fair share of incomplete songs laying around lol. Eventually I get around to completing them.

You have a single out called “Drug”. Would you mind describing your intentions behind this song? Is there a specific message?

Drug is about the ups and downs of a specific relationship that I went through. I find the highs and lows of love are identical to the euphoria and hopelessness one can experience with drugs.

Who would you consider your biggest artistic influences?

Musically, my influences would have to be Nelly, The Weeknd, Jacob banks, 6lack, and The Subdudes come to my mind first, but I’ve had many influences over the years that have led me to the sound I have today.

You say you have more releases expected for 2019, can you tell us what we can expect from you in the near future?

I have two new songs releasing in April, as well as a music video for an unreleased song. Stay tuned.


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