Missy D Celebrates Her Atmosphere With Her Single Titled “Yes Mama”

Missy D is a bilingual female emcee who was born and raised around the motherland. She represents a blend of African cultures in her life-force, and in her music. Missy D who is now representing Vancouver, loves a blend of Hip-hop and R&B. she calls this mixture Rap & Soul. she writes to inspire and to celebrate resilience. Discovering her talent at a tender young age, she began rapping her first melodies in French. She continued making noise for the people as a 2018 official SXSW artist. She’s building a powerful buzz for herself, and it seems like it will continue with her next single.

So we took a listen to “Yes Mama” and we can definitely understand why Missy D is creating waves. This trendy single takes its listener into the style and genre of “Rap Soul” she gives us a detailed and intricate rap flow that showcased her unique style and delivery. In the hook, Missy D gives us this soulful melody that curates this eccentric atmosphere for the listener. The production of the beat exuded positive energy and radiated good vibes.  If you’re wondering what the meaning of this record is then we have the answer for you! “Yes Mama” is a dedication to Mama D, The Motherland, Mama Earth, all our personal mamas, our angels, and our community mamas. A summer jam blessed with a very special meaning and feature, she proves to us that she is back in 2019 to unpack all the feelings, all the pauses, and to celebrate all the individuals who has helped her so far on this journey. 

Give a listen to "Yes Mama" here, and continue reading for Missy D's exclusive interview!

Hey Missy D! Welcome to BuzzMusic! Tell our readers a bit about yourself as an artist!

My name is Missy D and I am a Hip-Hop, Rap & Soul artist based in Vancouver BC. I am a child of the African Diaspora hailing from Rwanda, Ivory Coast and Zimbabwe. I've been making music since I was 11 in both French and English. My music is a blended sound of old and new school, rap and neo-soul with a message of hope and strength for marginalized communities. Music is powerful and necessary for my own therapy but also for my community!

What motivated you to write your track "Yes Mama"? Did you feel that the message you integrated within the song was easily portrayed to listeners?

It took a village to raise Missy D from the Motherland to the Coast Salish Territories (Vancouver, BC) 

Yes Mama is a new anthem dedicated to Mama D, the Motherland, Mama Earth, all our Mamas, our angels and our community Mamas. A summer jam blessed with a special meaning and feature.

Missy D is back in 2019 to unpack all the feelings, all the pauses, and celebrate all the people that have helped her on this journey we call life. 

Hopefully when you listen to Yes Mama, you feel our ancestors, feel our mama, feel the person you call when all is not so well,  feel the resilience, feel the celebration and feel the love. This one is for you Maman! Yes Mama was written by Missy D, beats by Mantra, mixed/mastered by David Tallarico (The Beatcave) and an art by Kimmortal.

The song dropped on Mother's Day but I am happy to perform it everyday and celebrate all the matriarchs and folks that share their wisdom with us.

How would you compare the music you curate now to the music you curated when you first started out as an artist?

Missy D was first inspired by Missy Elliott.A lot of my childhood friends compared my stage presence, style to the legendary Missy Elliott. She is a Queen!!! But I grew up listening to a lot of French rap from Mc Solaar to Diam's. Then came my love for 90s R&B  and neo-soul. As I continued to curate my own song and sounds , I found a home once again in the sounds of Lauryn Hill. I am grateful for all that paved a way and can hear the inspiration in my melodies.

Can you explain more in depth on the challenges you've faced as a female artist in the predominantly male-driven hip-hop/rap scene?

Let me start by saying there are a lot of talented women/ femme/non binary folks rapping out here. But it always seems like there is an even more limited amount of space for us all whether it's on a bill or on a playlist. I am happy to see the sisterhood rise and bring the collective along the way, the male dominated rap scene doesn't always want us to coexist. But we can and we can be real powerful with it. It's happening!

We're excited to hear more from you in the future! When can we expect to see new releases from you?! 

Yes Mama is one of the new singles from my upcoming EP coming out before the end of the year. I am currently working on an album as well.More music, more shows and more collaborations.


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