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Mista Los And iKONN Team Up For Energetic Single, “Cassidy Banks”

Mista Los has joined forces with artist iKONN for their captivating new hip hop single, “Cassidy Banks”.

Born during the Golden Age of hip hop in South East Colorado, Mista Los started his music journey extremely young. Growing up in a household that was constantly filled with music courtesy of his mother, Los became enamored with hip hop and rap when he discovered the song, “Tha Crossroads” by Bone Thugs-N-Harmony.

By 11 years old, Mista Los was writing his own rhymes, heavily inspired by the rappers he listened to growing up. He began performing for real audiences during his senior year of high school and went on the gain experience playing a variety of shows and releasing numerous tracks as the years went on.

With the help of producer Legion Beats, and featuring a captivating verse from artist iKONN part-way through the track, Mista Los has created an energized new bop that we can’t seem to get out of our heads.

Hitting play on the single, listeners are met with Los’ memorable and engaging hook, detailing the life of the protagonist in the song, Cassidy Banks. This track is filled with energy, fuelled by the upbeat production and Los’ vocals punching right through the track.

Part-way through "Cassidy Banks", we are pleasantly surprised when iKONN steps up to the plate to take a turn. He brings great variation to the track, rapping the entirety of his verse in Spanish. We are immediately drawn in by his charismatic delivery. He pulls us right in for his verse until he drops the mic back off to Mista Los for two final rounds of the unforgettable hook.

Come and get a taste of Mista Los’s energetic, catchy new hip hop single, “Cassidy Banks” feat. iKONN, available on all streaming platforms.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Mista Los! We really vibe with your song, “Cassidy Banks” and love the energy behind the track. Can you tell us a bit more about the inspiration behind the song?

It’s crazy where the inspiration for this record came from cause most of my music up until this point was quote-on-quote “womanizing” haha. There’s a reason for that. Anyway, I wanted to be better, so I had to do better. That’s why this record was born. I wanted to uplift the women, especially because I was raised by my mother and nana. So I always felt turmoil or a type of way about my previous releases.

I had my ex in mind during the early stages of the brainstorming. She was hella independent, and I thought she was loyal lol. Boy, I couldn’t have been more wrong. This was meant to praise the solid ones holding it down, and representing the female faction with honor and respect, even though it’s named after a Denver Pornstar. That’s why I said, “independent women working hard for their pay” cause that’s sooo admirable when a chick be on her hustle. The reason I named it “Cassidy Banks” was because I had seen a tweet from her, that she bought her mom a Benz. That made me an instant fan cause she wasn’t out here blowing her money stupidly in the club or anything. Not only did she buy her mom a luxury vehicle like a boss, but she also made the loot being a lil freak in the sheets, and didn’t let that lifestyle get the best of her. Plus, she’s a Denver Native. It only made sense because not only was my ex a boss, but she was also a lil dirty. I can go on for days about the inspiration behind this one. But thats the gist of it. We really love iKONN’s verse and the variation it brings. Can you describe your experience collaborating with iKONN on “Cassidy Banks”?

It’s crazy you ask that because I wanted to have a Spanish feel once everything started coming together after I found the perfect beat. I was scrolling through Facebook, and saw that iKONN wanted to work with some Colorado artists because he was doing his thing in Pueblo, CO, before he moved to Texas. He was making moves way before we linked. I knew about him for a minute because he worked closely with my family Chris Leshone. Go check him out, by the way, real shit. Anyway, I had just wrote the chorus for the record, and I was taking a mental break when I came across iKONN’s post on the book. So I felt like God was talking to me personally. For real tho, it came about so organically. When I sent him a voice memo from my phone, of what the chorus was going to sound like, he sent back a “studio-recorded” rough draft of almost exactly what you hear to this day on the record lol. I had just put out a Latin Trap album and I wanted to keep the momentum going with this Spanish sh*t. I have a bunch of artists on Facebook, so I reached out to social media hoping someone dope would reach back for a Spanish feature. I had an open mind but never thought it’d be this easy. Mista Los reached out wanting a Spanish feature on one of his tracks, said he had the perfect beat for the collaboration. We talked a bit about post-distribution plans, what we would do after the track was complete. You usually don’t have conversations like this until a song is complete. This guy was on a different level. He wanted to rap about a local porn star! Haha. The rest is magic. Google the song, and then google the subject. You won’t be disappointed! Can you tell us a bit more about the production behind the track? What kind of atmosphere or vibe did you want to create with producer Legion Beats?

Man, I wish I had a cool story about the production side of this record. But I grabbed this from a beat pack I bought like two years prior to the birth of it. I had the concept and a few bars before I heard the beat though. It's sometimes difficult for me to execute like that, let alone have a hit record come from it. Only say that because the instrumental is the heartbeat of the song. So it’s hard to find the exact emotion you want, even if you have most of the lyrics before the actual feel of it. But, I've been working with Legion for years. The owner Gabe actually mixed and mastered my first single “Lurkin,” which they produced as well. Go check that out too. I feel like “Cassidy Banks” came together flawlessly though. Not only cause my boy iKONN murked it, or cause Legion's vibe is exactly “ME”, but cause it is what it is. Reflecting on this past year, what has been your biggest takeaway from 2021 in terms of personal growth?

Man, it’s easily the marketing/business aspect of the industry. I have great music, and I’m not quoting me there. Although I don’t see any lies in it haha. So I know I should be popping way more than I am. This is a marathon, “shout out to Nip” so I know it ain’t gon’ happen overnight. I want to see some type of results for these hours, you know? But like my OG’s say, “You gotta spend money to make money” and the music biz is no different. Scared money doesn’t make money and if you ain’t willing to throw some bread on your name, how do you expect anyone else to? So invest in yourself. That’s the only downfall most artists have. . Fight me. What's next for you?

What’s next? The world. I and iKONN have a sick idea we wanna pursue. So you’ll be hearing more collaborations from us. Not only that; you’ll be hearing my full-length project soon. I have a lot of things in the works, and I believe iKONN does as well. I’ll say this for sure, iKONN and his company “The Highest Content” will be mixing and mastering my first body of work “Creepin." So be on the lookout for that. I’ll let my brother iKONN speak about anything I missed about the thangs he has coming haha. Much love BuzzMusic.

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